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This post is only a humble and simple comment on Olivia's post, trying to show the other side of the story.
*Any one is welcomed to join in the discussion by the way*

I wasn't surprised when I read Olivia's post as much as I was annoyed. And though I know my words are a bit out of date, but I felt its my duty to show the real situation back in Palestine.. or as how its world widely acknowledged as Israel.

I won't start by saying "this land is ours and I'm glad its back", I won't say as well "that's what the Israeli's deserve to be kicked out of Palestine", nor I'd complete by saying "I hate the Israelis" or all theses blah blahs.. For I am deadly sure that this act is not meant for peace; Take my words on that. No one would ever know the Jews as much as the Egyptians would, ever since Prophet Moses till the great 1973 war. *Tell me have you ever heard about that war before?!*

I am not preacher or a racist; I am but a simple Egyptian, Arab citizen who knows her history quite well. And I would like you Olivia, or any other reader to ask your Jews-Israelis friends this very simple question: "where are your ancestors' graves?"
I reckon they'd tell you in Holland, Poland or Russia most probably.
But any Palestinian, even the immigrants or the refugees, Ask them: "where are your ancestors' graves?" , they'd tell you in Gaza, Ram Allah, Jerusalem… or any other corner in Palestine.. Not only this, you may find with them a key for their house that was demolished by another Israeli bulldozer to build their settelments, claiming its their historical land. While it's not their neither in history nor right now.

All what you see is but a dirty play, believe me. Even it was written in one of the biggest Israeli's newspapers, that what you've seen was but an act to gain the world's sympathy that they are the men of peace.
But tell me if they really want peace, why had they invaded Sinai in the year 1967? or even more, tell me, why are they demolishing the Palestinian houses and building their own settlements?
Tell why Rachel Corrie died under their bulldozers *on purpose* defending a Palestinian family from demolishing their house. At a time the Israelis claimed to the media: she died by mistake!!

Not even that, have you ever seen the pictures on that site before?
It's for a martyr called "Mohamed el Dorra", a young boy who was shot in cold blood in his father's lab by another dirty shot form an Israeli solider. They didn’t neither care that he was a young boy nor that he was between his father's arms. And he was murdered in the street..
Moreover, Despite that this incident wasn't only photographed but video taped as well, yet they got the guts to spread the story on media as an Israeli child killed by a barbaric Palestinian.. *by the way, I knew about that story from some American friends I knew back then. You can check it out*
And still hundreds and hundreds of Palestinians are killed everyday, while the world is left as silent paralyzed audience.

We are in front of an organized crime, not only against the Arabs, but the whole humanity. In fact Media corrupt and faking the truth aren't just ordinary crimes but a disaster as well, that if it didn't touch your part of the world now, it would in the future.

I won't finish my words by saying I was happy for what happened.
Truely I wasn't happy that anyone, no matter s/he is/was, have to leave their place.. But I would like to tell you, leaving the settlements in Gaza that's been for 10 or 15 years maximum isn't as harsh and cruel as forcing the real owners of the land *the Palestinians* to leave their homeland, and to leave their houses that they knew no other all their life long. *check the pictures on that post by the way*

I know that its our fault *as Arabs* from the beginning till the end, that we didn’t defend our rights in the proper way. Its our fault we rested our case in some hands we believe in their honesty, yet crying over spelt milk we discovered the opposite when it was really too late.

PS: to make things clear, I am not against Jews, I hate all sorts of racism especially when it is connected to religion. I totally believe that anyone should have the right to embrace which ever religion or ideology s/he thinks most suits his/her way of life.
But I only meant in my lengthy post: the ones who claim Palestine to be anything but a pure Arab land.

God Bless you all.

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