الاثنين، يناير 29، 2007

Can or can't.. thats the question!

I'm not a genius, but not dump as well. I know I'm smart. Very smart. And for some reason hate me when I forget the fact "no body can be perfect all the time"!

GOSH! I hate it when I feel low self confidence. When I forget everything and act as if I'm nobody.
I hate to be in the focus.. YES!
But hate to be treated as a leftover as well..

I am not good at college. Let me admit it. I'm doing ok, may be less than ok, however, fine. Just the memory that I used to be even better makes me feel sick. Every thing was going very very fine till the curve started to go down "exponentially" and that belittles me infront of other's eyes so I get confused and tend to lose faith in my capabilities, thought I know deep down "I can make it"!

I'm feeling horrible. I'm truly feeling horrible and can't control this "low self esteem" phase I'm having these days with every stumbling block passes my way.. I wish to have the chance to tell those geeks I meet
"Hay hay, nobody is perfect all the time so Stop giving me these looks!"

الأحد، يناير 28، 2007

جرة خط

عارف لما يبقى عندك كلام، فتمسك قلم وتكتب.. وقبل ما الجملة تكمل.. تشطب عشان تبدأ من أول السطر..
كل مرة تكتب وتشطب.. وتبدأ من أول السطر

ساعتها بحس (بالغباء)، خصوصا لما أمسك نفسى بكتب عن الجملة اللى ما بتكمل، وحكايتى مع أول السطر

السبت، يناير 27، 2007

Old Cairo

I went yesterday to my best friend's "Bava" house for the analog project, to find her making this little surprise on the music "Gabriel's Oboe" I mentioned earlier in a previous post, with some "old Cairo" photos she got online. She knows how much I LOVE Cairo :)

So to her I send my deepest thanks, begad.. I feel great full knowing a person like her...

And YOU, whoever YOU are.. Enjoy her Old Cairo little clip :) and tell me what you think...

الجمعة، يناير 26، 2007

Bizzy Like a Bee

Yah, Yah, Yah.. I am busy like a bee these days. Look, this post was supposed to be published 2 days ago, and due to the recent updates, I couldn't make it until now, and even now, I'm trying to finish up as quickly as ever.
Look, on the 23rd, I finished my last exam "ASIC" that is, and was horrible, OK, I did horrible. The most horrible exam ever this term. That was expected, First, I didn't do my studying part well, plus the exam was terrible. Anyways, its over and now I got to write my To-Do list!

So let me count the days 1st. My vacation supposedly started on the 23rd of January, and will end by 9th of February. Now its 25th already, ok, I said busy and no wonder.

starting from the 2nd of February I won't be home, then I'm left with exactly 8 days to go.
So in these 8 days I have to finish:
  • ASIC project: Design of OTA in a group of 2 under OrCad.
  • Digital IC project: Design of a sound system in a group of 5 under VHDL, Xilinx.. so as to be implemented on FPGA.
  • Communications systems report: in a group of 2, under Matlab.
  • Satellite communication report: Everyone on his/her own, solve all reference problems, and summarize a brand new chapter.
  • Graduation project: Install & getting familiar with Linux openSUSE 10.2 & TinyOS, plus intensive search for WNS & the used Kit!
  • Extra work: Finish the previous testing lab. experiments before the new term begins.

However, I still wish for:
  • Buying new glasses and having eyes check up (my eyes terribly hurt lately)
  • Go to the book fair (apparently excluded)
  • Go to one of the bloggers' meeting (most probably excluded too)
  • Buy new cloths for winter (100% excluded)
  • Go to the gem (Will try considering)
  • Go to our class meeting (think its canceled already)
  • Help mother in house work (Tensa..!)
  • Finish reading "El zeni barakat" (I started all ready)
  • Watch "If only" & "The holiday"

I can agree if you said "all these stuff are manageable", I can even agree if you said "I had much darker times", yet try to convince me "How on earth I'm going to finish all that in 8 days?!" taking into your consideration "its MY mid-year-vacation" and supposedly the last isA..

Bottom line:
24th of February is not the start of a so-called vacation, BUT marks the start of a new phase.. the "Bizzy like a bee" phase which will not end except: 1. by the end of the 2nd week in August isA this year (ie. after the EED day), or 2. Someone leaves this world in the middle..

  • Done with installing Linux (el 7amd lelah).. Still trying to play MP3s and installing .rpm there.. But so far so good!
  • Today my mother returned back home very sick. And yes guess what, I am stuck in here with the whole house work "All Alone"..
  • I had the 1st meeting today for the ASIC project, and was terriblllly a @#%@%#$^$$$$$& "we did nothing, and thats not a good omen"..

دقت ساعة العمل الثورى
Leave ya in peace, wish me Good Luck..
That's a good night (hopefully)

الاثنين، يناير 22، 2007

From Earth to...

"Woman was God's second mistake." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

After I received this quote via "I heart quotes" on twitter; I wanted to send Nietzsche this brief note, despite the long decades between us.
Dear Mr. Nietzsche (where ever you are, heaven or hell)
Today while reading your quote "Woman was God's second mistake", I thought of passing you this note just to tell that: if by any chance God ever did mistakes and the second was woman, then make sure the 1st was man.
Now we may both rest in peace.
21th century Earthly regards..
Not yours,

ASIC effect!

ASIC effect, originally uploaded by lastoadri.

PS: ASIC : Application-specific integrated circuit

(she2 mesh latef 3l se7a!)

السبت، يناير 20، 2007

Sada rada (",)")

Replying nadaha's tag, and tagging: Nesrine, Engy, Hechkok, Memo, Olivia, JJ (in a comment if you don't mind), Pinky, Layal, Dananeer, Masry & Dee! (and again, anyone interested)

Five things you don't know about me:
  1. Not a talkative person who likes to sit somewhere in the shadow, away from the crowds and loathes whoever thinks him/herself something.
  2. I drink more than 5 cups of tea / day. You got: pure red tea, red tea with milk, with lemon, with mint (n3na3 a5dar), with carnation (oronfl), earl gray tea, green tea, and green tea with jasmine!
  3. Un-like normal girls, I'm not fond of babies 5als....
  4. I can wear less stylish or old fashionable clothes than to ever, ever, wear a tight anything!
  5. I hate whoever writes my name with "I".. hay hay, its "E" everybody! And I know, YES its pronounces correctly with an "I"..

Now 1 more tag left to go. The Engy's tag, and guess will be done (leave me a break shewaya please :D )

الجمعة، يناير 19، 2007

Me and Bava..

-- Bava, ana 3ayza a3ayat..
-- Ok, then 3ayati.. da aslan she2 moree7 gedan
-- ...
-- haaa, better?
-- 3adi... enti 3arfa eni maba3rafsh..

I'll go, try to study or sleep. I want to cry, cry myself to sleep. But I can't. I wish I can. I wish it all to end when I can't take the wrong and fed up with doing the right.

Nan, I want to belive you when you say "What doesn't kill you, well, doesn't kill you. God doesn't give us more than we can handle."
and what if..
no... "if only.."

A late "written" tag

Originally uploaded by lastoadri.
Hechkok started the tag, then was Engy and Nesrine.. So there I take off as well.
And since I don't have something to write, (my mind is acting blank these days!) I re-wrote my favorite quotation ..

Now I WILL tag (neyahahaa): Tarek, Zeinobia, Layal, Deee, pinky and nadaha..

الخميس، يناير 18، 2007

الأربعاء، يناير 17، 2007

A year passed and a thought change..

Aha, now I know why do I like "Love story".

The broadband connection was cut in the morning, and apart from being pissed off, I thought of doing something useful. And since I just finished my 4th exam yesterday, so didn't wish to do something very very useful; that's why, I switched on "love story" for un-reasonable reasons.

Exactly a year ago, I wrote my history with that particular movie, how I got to know plus few blubbers on the very famous quotation "Love means you haven't to say you are sorry" blahlalala
Right now, I think it's stupid! Sorry folks, but yes it is very stupid. The whole story behind the movie is stupid. I mean, it's nice to have such feeling da da da, but don't you think they were dashingly over reacting? Even if we assumed they are not, and love really means you don't have to say you are sorry or love in that sense actually exists, still the story -for me- sounds silly and stupid. (only the dyeing matter can be left alone.. that was touching)

However, I did really enjoy watching the movie, especially the 2nd half. Apart from the extraordinary background music, but you know Oliver Barrett reminds me of my very own self.
"Quite a wealthy son who's not on good terms with his father and can afford to go through the entire possible struggle just to get rid of his father's orders."

Just as simple at that..

The movie ended at lunch time, and since I got no guts to sit down at the table and share lunch with anybody (yup, turned off the yesterday's mood), I preferred to rather write such words, then wonder when I'd have the chance to post. And there after, I fetched another movie on the waiting list to watch.. a total different flavor this time "The omen"

Abridged on the 15th

Why can't we have passwords on some posts?
If such idea ever existed, I'll be over content..

الاثنين، يناير 15، 2007

Flirting with the enemy

Its either: its all random coincidences, coincidently happening together, and I'm acting a bit over skeptical in here.. or.. its true, and I am into the middle of a butter fly dance..
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Thus spoke Mohammed Ali..

Yet above all, which ever case that is, I can't get it still.. "why to have a fortune falling from grace only now?!"

> Do I sound as if I ask "why" a lot?!
>> Yup, you do alot..
> OK.. lol, and why not?

For every rule there are exceptions

Money is like women. The more you run after, the less you can have. The less you show your interest, the more they pass by!

So no wonder if "women" love "money", and if "money" stumbles across "my" way ;)

Dot dot dot.. End of today's thought..

PS: But after all, exceptions shall never rule..

الأحد، يناير 14، 2007

Simply, a hit..

John Lennon -- Imagine

Imagine there is no heaven
It's easy if you try
No Hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there is no country
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I am a dreamer
But I am not the only one
I hope some day you join us
And the world will be one

Imagine no possession
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people sharing all the world
You may say I am a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you join us
And the world will live as one

End of a post..

"Do you want to save any changes to the document?"

Big NO..
then was delete..

الخميس، يناير 11، 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos..

I remember when my friend Mr. DXer used to say "I'm 35 but 18 at heart", and I used to reply back "I'm 18, but 62 at heart". The 62 was just a joke back then, yet grown to live with me.
Today, I hit my 22. Only 40 steps left for the 62, am I ready?! Aslan will I ever reach my 62?!
UH! Come on! 40 years left?!
Will I ever live 40 more years in here?!
No way..

Last November, I wrote something, and was intending to post it at my birthday. Spontaneous talk doesn't always fit in all situations. Especially that I wished to send my words, as it happens every year to Osama, in his radio program "Late night cartoon". But right now, I don't have any intentions to email him a single letter or publish my pre- written words. Plus I absolutly have nothing in mind to talk about, in the 1st place..

21 years, what will I miss?
Hmm, not much. I don't imagine a dramatic change in the next year. Except for, the people surrounding me. This year isA I will graduate, no longer a student in school or college. Don't know about post graduate studies yet. May be yes, may be no. I got a good job offer recently by the way, so may be I'd give the interview a try then decide later on. May be I get married, and may be not. May be I'll travel or migrate, and may be not.
But in all cases, the people I have around now will always be missed.

+1, what to wish for?
I nearly got nothing to wish for; actually I am not waiting for anything. No one buys me presents since many years, my parents normally forget I have a birthday and frankly not even waiting for a cake! But Excuse me, I have one thing in mind that never changed all through my previous years.
Tell me, How many times you regretted not telling someone, something, a little something, before s/he goes away? And how many times you wondered, (at least, I wondered) who'll feel sad for me going away? Who loves me true and who not? Who regards me as an ultimate necessarily precious gift in his/her life, and who doesn't really care?!
So, what if I die tomorrow, that can be true, very true, who'll be that someone and what's the something?

+1 min, ready? Steady..?!.. what will I go for?!
Let alone, I have to behave and go study.. my exam is in 2 days!
Ya, I know, I'm not the resolutions type of girls. But tell you, I'll go for making memories. Lots of memories. Lots and lots of them. Everywhere I go, every person I chit-chat, exchang a smile, share an opinion with. I don't know how to start. But every little moment passing me by, I wish to keep it safe till I am old and gray. When its another cold winter night like tonight, 11st of January some year ahead, sitting around the heater with my grannys around, using my faint weary voice telling them stories, my stories. And a sudden big wide smile covers my face, for me remembering the days :)

Happy Birthday Dear Blue.. And May You Always Remain the Blue, The One And Only Blue You Wish For You..

PS: The above photo is mine. I took the shot on the 9th of January, using the Pastel filter in the camera's options. Then the framing and signature "On My Own..." by photoshop CS2.

الثلاثاء، يناير 09، 2007

To that someone..

I began to grow weary...
You have something, then you are fed up with it. You leave something, then you miss it. You decide something, then you regret it.
And in the middle you choose to wait all together. Mostly, you choose it the hard way out. Torturing oneself on purpose, trying to convince yourself everything is so beautiful, waiting for your magical brush, to color it your own way. You try to believe in fairy tales, and think peace might prevail. You tell yourself, "Probably it's not green on the other side, its greener yet. And Tomorrow is but a new day, and the best is yet to come."
You sip hope with your every tea cup, and wait for that someone who'd tell you s/he understood it all, and got what you really meant..

"Dare to dream," you repeat it in your morning while gazing at your mirror but you always forget to whisper "dare to live". Or may be, you didn't really forget..

I was never confused about a thing, as much as I am with life, and its abstracts you pass by on daily bases. No, with every living step!
Life, living, death, happiness, sadness, friendship, love, betrayal, knowledge, universe, us, being, freedom, illusive limits, destiny.. and the list is still too long. Tell me what are these, and what is life? Is it a breath we breathe then its gone?
Yet Tell me 1st, why to ask "why to live?"..

We are born sometime ago, walk into the same route others used for long. Then you find, alas, the big yellowish, gray sign "the end". Sometimes you dream of another, a whole new road, never been tapped by a previous being, to mark a discovery, or prove infinity. However, the commen funny thing in those stories, the sign is the very same, fate that is. May be at times you didn't expect, and may be long after you've visualized the moment hundred times ahead.

True and cruel life is sometimes. Especially when you find those people, dear people, you can't lie in front. You tell them, "I am ok", and they believe you not. They give you the bitter truth on a golden plat, demanding you to accept.
I am one of those who wishes to be lied at. Lie to me, when you know its going to hurt. Lie to me when you know I won't feel ok afterwards. Lie to me and let me really believe tomorrow is a new day, and the best is yet to come. Add me sugar, lots of sugar to my morning coffee, let me dare to dream for real and dare to live. Let me believe faries will choose me out of the billions living to do me magic, and that tomorrow I'll watch my reflections smiling over the ocean, dancing my tango dance though.. Though, I've never met the ocean, or learnt a single move or step.

Me, beautiful. Me loves me. Me proud of me. Me .. Me hates me sometimes. Sometimes and sometimes a lot.

"Don't worry," I tell you and myself. The storm will soon go calm, the windmills' rage will quit, and lights will all go quitly dim. A moment of scilent will seperate me and the next moment when I'd find me left again with those stupid questions in my head.
"why all that?" and a big *full stop*..

"Sonnet of the woods" by "Yuhki Kuramoto", really tells..

PS: The above image is originally not mine. However, I signed with "On My Own..." for the framing and special effects on photoshop CS2.

الأحد، يناير 07، 2007

Sometimes.. Someone

I was going to write how I have all the right to brag about my discovery; when about a year and a half ago, I first knew the name "Yiruma" by a mere lucky chance. And that in return forced all the people whom I introduced him to, not to know how to thank me enough for that. And Still I’m sure many more are coming ahead..

And again, I was going to write about my today’s treasure, for finding –finally- some of his work I’ve been looking for long..
Till words failed me as I listened to his magical notes playing…

Take a deep breath..

All I’d like to tell you now is:
“if you trust my taste, then trust me for that as well.. Listen to “
Sometimes.. Someone” from his album “From the yellow room”, and his improvisation for “Gabriel” in his “Love scene” (that was originally the OST of the movie “The mission” composed by “Ennio Morricone” named “Gabriel's Oboe”)”

For tomorrow,
Here is the deal, download these pieces, then switch off the lights, lay down and relax. If you didn’t forgot all your worries and felt the world is a place for us to enjoy, dream and fly, then you have all the right to give me hard times. However, if it happened that you liked it –which I know you will- then you still can ask for more… anytime my friend..

Now I can confess it as loudly as ever “I am Obsessed with Yiruma's music”! Then die in peace..

PS: There are others I am obsessed with their music too, and they are no less than Yiruma (will talk about them later on). Yet, he, and he alone, holds a special memory in my heart for being the 1st I knew who plays that type of music, that is "new age" one..

PS2: The above image is originally not mine. However, I signed with "On My Own..." for the framing and special effects on photoshop CS2.

In the memory of..

Two years ago, at that very time, "winter Sonata" was 1st aired on Egyptian Ch. 2. I can never forget the chatty nights WE spent afterwards, Me, Nan & Moon. Waking up till the morning talking about every Tit'n'Bit by Yu Jina and Jo Sang!
Or the night that followed my "Happy Birthday" in the phone with my dear always Mi, and me singing her back on her day :) .. Me and her were always obsessed with the drama. She liked the love story itself.. But I liked the music and the new Korean culture.. and.. the snow..

Now Dananeer reminded me with the drama, and so can't help me searching again, and again. Till I found the OST "my memory" on youtube..
So Listen, and Enjoy.. :)

Hectic days and disappointing ones!

So, not a happy or a happy ending for such a day? I do not know for real.
Look, again the exam wasn't my best bas OK. Ya3ni, el 7amd lelah gedan. And I was well happy after it ended. No more microwaves people, in sha2 ALLAH. Can you get it? No more micro zeft waves!
Then, I was looking for my ASIC doc. to take his permission on something, and didn't find.. that was my 1st disappointment! I wanted to have a final say, whether a yes/no, promise will not argue, but being hang this way is so boring.
So Blue has left the building.

My Bava was going to cinema with friends, and I was supposed to join the gang. However, you know when you suddenly miss that will into somethin.. *seems I have a lot of downs easily* therefore, left her to go alone and I returned back home.

The bus trip was one of the horrific things happened. People are strange! People are totally strange! Everyone is enjoying other's torture. Seriously speaking! I mean, anyone if s/he can't kill you now, will do once they got the chance!
I was sitting in my place, when the lady beside me asked to leave for her bus stop. Out of good manners since she is an old lady, I stood up for her. So what happened is that 2 big men competed together on my own seat :S RIDICLOUS! *Hello, I am standing here* and guess what! They turned their compete into a fight who is to sit.. and I was left in the middle in a narrow place, nearly in the lab of another man the other side, and *mahrosa* for real. So I yelled, for the 1st time "AY 7ad yo23oood, ana mazno2aaa". Got no idea how I said so, then for a second, there was silence in the bus, and one of them looked to me a weird look, then sat silently!
I hate that.. Look I would be willing to give you anything you need, on one condition: NOT to ever take it without permission!.

When it was my bus stop ba2a, I started yelling at the driver "el ma7ata, el ma7ata", and he was going on his way.. So that man who gave me a bad look earlier shouted "ma tetla7la7i ya anesa".. how dare he? How could I while all those people are in front of me?! Are you serious.. I can't even move my leg one step.. that was so mean.. and for a second I wished to cry f3lan, especially after the rest of the bus were shouting as well "ma tetla7la7i" and no one is moving to leave me space..
That moment I saw myself as a person walking in a narrow dark street with few people are throwing stones. And the pitiful thing, they are my own folk who are supposed to help me when I need help. And shelter me when I need someone to secure me..
Pathetic, isn't it?

So as I entered the house started blowing up at my brother for no reason too, and my mother too *looks as the daily vicious circle surrounding us*. The whole house was on fire, till I went to wash my face. As looking in the mirror I thought. "If now with those little responsibly I have, I react this way to disappointment and stress, will I ever manage a wider life?"..

Online again:
Remembered ba2a the North Pole we have our examination in! I wonder where does the money spent on Egyptian universities go?!! We are having our exams in ALLAH's most cold place there. I was shivering all the way, till a second felt I can write no more..

Was willing to install Linux today, but I slept over 7 hours back to back, and now have no eagerness to sleep 5alas..
Spinning the bottle with the guys on the blogger's room. And its a bit funny.. and me blogging with the new CD for yasser Abd El Rahman playing. I love his Egyptian flavor in his music..

So, Might be today't blog is not what I've been preparing myself all day to write. Its a total different one. Yet the only one little tip I wished to write is still the very same:
"When you think of someone very very deep and for no reason. I mean for no specific reason. Not for calling for something, or asking a favor, or even checking if s/he ok. Just you want to see that person, and feel her/him around, and that's it.. you'll do.
And will always be, the one person you need to see and never expected to anywhere, will pass you by everywhere. There you'll know right away that you can't do it without seeing the everywhere surprising meet, like your daily mug of Nescafe.."

May be I was a bit chatty keda. So will go follow the guys. :)
Good night dear folk, good night..

الجمعة، يناير 05، 2007

Work your mind please.. are you a "ProBooger?"

Act Like a Professional

So, My today's question is: "Will you, or will you not, mention in your C.V. that you are a blogger? and if your answer is "yes" which blogs will you mention and which you will not? (in case you have more than one blog)"

Lets discuss the pros and cons. and please fill me in with the form you may write as well..

الخميس، يناير 04، 2007

"Almost" now..

Strange what modern technology tries to offer. The more trials to turn the cyber space into one big network, to make you feel at ease, between friends, feeling homie keda; the more you feel empty and alone!

Today was trying a new service called "twitter". YUP, it looks pretty friendly. Lol, for a couple of min.s or so, I kept on going thru my list as quickly as possible.. Strangly enough I found "almost" zero buddies I wish to know what they are doing now.

Well, the picture is not that dark. I'm not a loner (or how I claim) and not hating all the people I know. Neither nor my friend. But.. I don't know.. as if you are living with people now.. Yet.. almost standing alone. Like approaching water and still the thirst is killing your throat.
Am I making sense?!
hope not...

Love it to fool around and play all the time, and most probably will continue goofing in twitter and the new 30Box application I met accidently.. or whatever cyber community offers thru networking, as long as its away from traditional chatting, which "I dispice"..

The world's richest kid

Just finished watching *Richie rich*. God how much I love this movie an the other one *Home alone 1*.. they remind me with the old days,,, I was around 12 and my brother 8 or 9, LOL.. we used to watch all these stuff loads.

1st time saw *Richie Rich* was, I don't remember when exactly. But then we were in alex, my father's friend flat. A poor one, we hated very very. And that day, while richie was on TV (ch. 2) (in a black and white little television), my father and I went down to buy "Fool w ta3mya" from Gad for dinner. There, to our surprise we met uncle S. (an old father’s friend) in the street with his 2 daughters. That family is highly connected to my parents. You know that this uncle is the one who actually got my mother and father married in the 1st place.. :D.. so was a big superb chance for us to met him accidentally in another city this way. Till, we knew the fact that after exactly a month returning back from this trip, he passed away in a strange story. (God rest his soul in peace).

And despite the above story, I still love that movie, and Love *Macaulay Culkin* when he was that young ;)

I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ.. because because because becauuuuuse.. (8)(8)
Kidding. I'm off to continue microwaaaves.. Cheers

PS: I tried, bas can't know how to get over this irritating figues >> ... " .
if anyone got a clue, please enlighten me..


You know that I felt as if someone slapped me at the face and hardly! Twice in the same day seems over for me. Never felt I am a cheap person as much as 2 mins ago.
And guess who are both of them who did it? One thinks I am a 2nd hand friend can come any time to ask for service then leave. And the other is another I don’t even know,, yet for the 1st time someone who ever asks such a STUPID, HORRIBLE, INCONSIDERATE, LAME, DULL.. MEAN Request..
I want to call it names cause I was never treated this way, and thanks to both of them, they ruined my night!

For me to remember.. I would NEVER EVER reply to such creatures EVER again. Not till the sky comes down or the stars burn away..

الأربعاء، يناير 03، 2007

Movie night..

I am not very fond of romantic comedy type of movies. However, today I had to watch “How to lose a guy in 10 days” with my brother. *Huh! Feast and family gatherings and stuff..* So I wonder, who likes to follow such type except these girls waiting for Mr. Right with their handkerchiefs on.. dreaming of the 2 phrases “just been married” and “happily ever after”.. Tell me, why all great love stories either ended up with “lovers committed suicide, or died accidentally”.. or simply “got married” :S
What if he never showed up?!
You go make something useful. Have a life.

They could have asked me 1st, before spending all these expenses. “How to lose a guy in 10 days?”.. Easy, Show him you are interested! And if he’s joining the club of those ladies waiting for Miss. Right, then show him you are not, give him an icy look and leave. *Easy, isn’t it?*

Guys are flavors, like ice cream. Mine is the “Mastics and pistachio”. The Mastics’s elasticity will stretch with you no matter what happens, always open minded and forgiving; and the pistachio gives you a rare and unique kind of flavor, not found else where.

You girls, take my advice on that. If you ever passed by your shop and didn’t find your flavor; Don’t you ever dare to buy whatever other you’ll find because you’re hungry. Just wait, and seek a different shop, there you might, and might not. Yet always and always remember, No one died for not having a nightly ice cream.. and no one will..

الاثنين، يناير 01، 2007

1st of jan.


Didn't I said before I'll try to photo my granny's and uncle's art work?!
so here is the 1st master piece, drawn in 1988 by my uncle.
Every once in a while keda, I'll be posting others soo.. So wait for even much better stuff drawn in oil, coal, pastel and water colors...

PS: Sorry for the photography. after I returned back discovered that I haven't adjusted the filters correctly. Try to imagine that its drawn with a normal pencile on a paper that looks yellowish now :)