السبت، أكتوبر 29، 2005

Passing by..

Clicking "next blog" as Tarek suggested.. and so I reached out this beautiful post by "Summer rain"

Every time I feel my heart mend and grow, I feel a bit of heartache and heartbreak right after. I gain a little hope, only to be dragged down by painful realizations.
Sometimes, it's so hard to be truly happy.
(I'm sorry for my kind of emo post...I'm feeling a bit blue right now. Dont' worry, it'll pass.)

how so very true..

Ironically, "Yesterday" (**) by Paul McCartney was on my play list..

All my troubles seemed so far away;
Now it looks as though they're here to stay;
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
I'm not half the man I used to be;
there's a shadow hangin' over me
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.
Why, she, had to go I don't know,
She wouldn't say;
I, said, something wrong,
Now I long for yesterday.
Love was such an easy game to play;
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Why, she, had to go I don't know,
She wouldn't say;I, said, something wrong,
Now I long for yesterday.
Love was such an easy game to play;
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I believe in yesterday

(**) that was part from a life performance for the beatles on stage.... wish you'd enjoy it as much as i do..

الخميس، أكتوبر 27، 2005

Hehe Tags :D

Away for a couple of days to find I am tagged for couple of things! :
Aaaaa, I add my voice to SheryUos asking : "Who starts such things!" *Naaa, its lovely, I like doing it still ;) *
Ok, so I am done with number 5 and 20, and though I didn’t do it, but I was tagged by 3 *sorry Tee*. Now it’s high time to try the 7 and the 23……. Wooh!!
*thanks *~$&!~* , Nightlegend , Around the clock , Wonderer and Eve*

*** 1st tag:
The se7ens…. TADA!

7 things I plan to do *isA*:
1. apply for an AC next year *member in the academic committee*
2. improve my social skills a lot better *taking today’s step is way toooooo AHEAD!, cheers for me*
3. finish reading the doomed “The Da Vinci code”
4. do the microwave report
5. go to Matrooooo7 this year
6. STUDY! :@
7. write a book *isA, pray for me :) *

7 things I can’t do:
1. cry in public.
2. confess my emotions towards somebody openly.
3. hate someone *except for the 2 I previously mentioned*
4. quit on-lining ;)
5. quit thinking..
6. leave my home town in Mars *a.k.a. my weirdo attitude*
7. return a kid again :(

7 things I say most often:
1. aywa aywa
2. tamam
3. fe3lan?
4. neat *credit goes to Dxer*
5. salam
6. Shshshshsh
7. da ana Blue ;)

7 people I want to pass this tag to:
1. Olivia
2. Jia li
3. Sheryos *evil laugh*
4. Tee *and please add to it the other tag*
5. Tarek Amr
6. *~$&!~*
7. Anyone else interested to do it as well :) *Cheers*

*** 2nd tag:
Follow the instructions
1. Delve into your blog archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. find the 5th sentence
4. post the text of the sentence in your blog along with instructions:
Ponder it for meaning, subtexts or hidden agendas.
5. tag 5 people.

The 5th phrase from my 23rd post was:
“I was astonished, because thought they are presenting the Arabic program, HOWEVER, they are way behind pronouncing proper Arabic..”

OK, as my usual and expected, I was talking about another radio station. That time was the Chinese one. They had a new presenter from Egypt, a very pleasant person, who loved my writings, to the extend he called me “Al mohra el bayda2” or “the white horse”
For me that was too much for one day!
However, I was mentioning the Arabic pronunciation of his Chinese collogues. It’s a good try, because Arabic is one of the most difficult languages of all times. However, I guess they should have been more prepared for presenting!!!

Ah, its been a looooooooooong while I haven’t emailed him. May be I’d do when I finish up the piling things I have left to do :)

5 people I tag:
I already tagged 7 before…… Allez all..

Cheers.... My 73's

الثلاثاء، أكتوبر 25، 2005

Not Back Yet..

On my way back home I was thinking of something pretty interesting, merely “the emptiness of our lives”. *Exactly! Just thinking of the emptiness of life!*

OK, I enjoyed my time today, to start. We had a dish party for iftar with the organizing team members of the ACES conference in collage. That was grand! If you’d see the mountains of food and drink brought there!! And the cheers in people’s tone and smiles!! Even the 2 surprises I met:
1. to know the flyer, the poster and the brochure at last saw the light. And the work of a whole summer vacation is finally printed out and looks gorgeous as well :) *I know our committee deserves all the best ;) *
2. the thing that touched me but never crossed my mind before: to know that some people would know me that much! To find someone coming to you and saying: are you this and that.. then the 2nd to ask.. then the 3rd.. that made me think, who am I for people to care!
However, all in all it was going ALRIGHT! i.e. going fine.. going normal.. going average.. wasn’t superb but going just FINE.. *why are you shouting?!*

If I told you: it wasn’t up to my expectations it would be a lie, because I haven’t thought of it in the 1st place. They informed us there is an iftar together and I said: Hurray! Then I went. I didn’t think either what to bring with me, I didn’t think whom to meet or what to say! I haven’t prepared a speech or ironed my dress and obviously polished my shoe !!
Could be because of the piles of work I am left to do, so I had to block any exterior kind of thoughts or dreams temporarily *wonders for how long* and could be I blocked my thoughts and dreams intentionally and on purpose.

Sometimes you need to feel you don’t feel, or you’d think you can rest from thinking. And may be that was the reason.
How many times I promised myself of things, yet never came true and may be won’t? How many times I convinced myself I am going to have all the fun of the world yet can’t keep any for myself :) ?
Nop, I am not upset or angry again... for I already knew myself this way for long time and I don’t have the will to change.
-- WHY?! *are you asking?*
Even if you are not asking, let me tell you something.. I feel tired. I feel extremely exhausted and wish to have a deep sleep. That feeling has captured me since a time too far away too remember. Then after I wake up I discover that I did nothing after all!
That is the nothingness of life!

You’d walk then you’d run in a race, and wish upon a star to enjoy your time, then you’d discover all of a sudden it wasn’t but a mirage for an illusion you wish to dream of sometime.
OK, its your right to believe in a better future and a prosperous present. Its your right to believe the picture is not as gloomy as I am describing, because IT IS NOT.. but suddenly you’d discover it as some water slipping between your fingers and you’re watching. Or a scented smoke, then it is no where after all..

-- Did I write all that!
-- Looks like I did.

الأحد، أكتوبر 23، 2005

Ya Rab Er7amna

2 hours ago I wasn’t feeling like how I am. 2 hours ago I just finished watching a new episode of “3ala 5ota el 7abib” for the “Ma3raket O7od”. And tell you I was feeling horrible. Almost 10 days, or even less, are left for Ramadan this year, and what had I done? What had I done so when it’s the judgment day I can stand in front of God and his Mercy for us “prophet Mohamed” pbuh and his blessed companions, to say with dignity: in Ramadan 2005 I did this and this and that..!

I see myself so small in front of myself. Smaller than a begging insect. What had I done to help my people, or even myself?!
God loves the strong Muslim who is like rain where ever settled brings all the blessings. And I wonder what had I done so far?
And will God help me till the end of Ramadan to become a better Muslim !

I deeply wish from all of my heart..

1. I just have one wish, To visit this wonderful Islamic Torrents site. you'll find which ever Islamic torrent files you want. Just take a look. And if you found any difficulty in dealing with torrent files, just email me (on my email at the right side bar) and I'll be more than glad to help.
w rabna yenfa3na wa eyakom...
2. I guess for the next 10 days I won't be here as much as before. So sending you all my Love and good prayers. I'll miss ya.
C U soon at Feast time in sha2 ALLAH :)

السبت، أكتوبر 22، 2005

May be true.. (edited)

As my usual, chatting before I’d sleep. And as my usual talking to the same folk I talk to every night. Yet tonight was a bit different.
Wish I’d remember what triggered the issue of analyzing people. Or, yes yes,, I was talking about how I picturize some people in my mind. Everyone got a unique picture or figure in my imagination I draw through out our talks and how I feel them. So I told that friend: “I see you sad”.
Although you can never see him sad, I bet. I can’t remember a time I saw him frown or angry.. but somehow I do think of him this way.
Things went on right and left, and on the 1st straight forward answer he claimed: “and I see you as another face of the same coin of A”
mm.. Me and A, you are saying I look like A ?!
Incredible!! Had I lived 20 years of my life so as not to know myself that much!

I sat for a while between me and myself looking for an answer, then suddenly I started to write the above lines. Starting with the thgought from the very start till the end, may be I’d reach out similarities in any direction.
Eventually, I failed.

Ironically, someone popped up on my MSN to admit: I was never observed laughing before !
Did I really hear that?!
I yelled at my brother to ask, do you see me that gloomy person?
yet he preferred not to reply..

left puzzled..



And as I heard that from a friend late last night, I was kept skeptical nearly all day long. I ain’t exaggerating things, but discovering you know nothing about yourself while you are in the middle of self seek! Is truly too much.. especially that I respect my friend and trust some of his opinions as well.
So I asked

Me: do I sound aggressive when dealing with people?!
She: no, you are OK.. yet when you have to be aggressive, yes you are and strongly. You know when to show the frown looks.
Me: I don’t know how to laugh then?
She: who said so?!
Me: some friends told me new things to discover in my personality.. one said I am a different face for A!
She: A.. you mean the young lady who was with us last year.
Me: yes

On my way home I was thinking, may be there are some similarities between me and A.
Why not!?
May be we are different faces for the same coin.
Why not!?
Similarities then… !???
Differences either … !???
I don’t know..

She got some good traits I wished to have sometime. She ain’t that bad after all. May be I got that chance to look like her.. yea, what the heck!
I’ll go with my head up to the skies.. even if I might look like her, still I’ll be JUST me :)

الأربعاء، أكتوبر 19، 2005

My treasure..

If I started by saying that last couple of days I was feeling happy, you’d probably close the whole thing and take your leave *Please just bear with me a while*. Its just this same situation I am happy in without any proper reason. Though everything is going on the normal. I wake up to collage, to meet some boring people and attend even more boring lectures. I’d return back home to have a short nap till iftar. I’d sit with the family to watch one series on TV, then I’d start studying *suppose I do*. At 11 sharp, I mostly leave everything to watch another series from the TV program “3ala 5ota el 7abib” or “on the path of the beloved, prophet Mohamed pbuh” by the glamorous presenter Amr Khaled on Iqraa channel (by the way, it is now transmitted to the united states)

OK! Close the TV and log online.. I’d meet some nice folk to chat, sometimes till very late at night. Quite exciting to have a funny chit chat with friends from time to time. When its bed time, I’d shut down the computer and enter the kitchen to prepare the “se7oor” or “the last meal to prepare for fasting next time” then TADA TADA.. Zzzzzzzz
Next morning *as if for a change*, I have to run in the street to catch my bus all again on my way to collage!

As I was chatting with Olivia tonight, she told me: “may be because you feel satisfied and contend without worries or stress”
-- “Without worries” OK, could be
-- But “without stress” is crossed out.. I have piles of things to do with no much time left. UGH! I am quite a lazy person I have to admit. Leaving things in a real hassle undone and I just leave or may be run away.. why not !

-- Could be “feeling content and satisfied” then.
But tell me something, had I reached that level of feeling content of myself?!
That is a question I should leave to answer someday, somewhere, somehow.. or may be if you got a different opinion, then share it with me and our friends :)

However, before I go or you’d leave, I’d wish to add one more thing, Today I was feeling happy ;) *el 7amd lelah* *Thank God for everything after all*

I waited and waited yet nothing appeared beneath the starry sky they told me to ask..

الأحد، أكتوبر 16، 2005

20 Me..

So I am supposed to answer “Me” and “Tota” tag, which is to write 5 random things about me. But it took me so much time thinking, its hard to limit yourself to few points, until “Jia” just tagged me yesterday to write 20 random things about me !!!
So before I’d find them increased to 100 or something by tomorrow, I thought of hurrying to answer :)

01. Dreams:
After I started my studies in the faculty of engineering, I realized that wasn’t my dream after all.
02. Family:
I am living in Cairo with my parents and little brother.
03. Fact not Fiction:
This is my 1st post to write without looking at the keyboard while typing *how steadily I try to integrate myself*
04. Attitude:
No matter how daring I might seem to be sometime, still I stumble other people’s looks at me while talking or walking :$
05. Fact not Fiction:
I hate being a girl *sadly*
06. School:
The worst best thing ever happened to me *a shock, I know*
07. Love:
the least topic I tend to tackle any where. Excuse me, I’ve never been in a story before. *Though passed by some scattered crushes from time to time.*
08. Fact not Fiction:
Fareed el Atrash is my best male singer of all times *and say what you want, I don’t mind*
09. Personality:
though I haven’t seen my grandfather to my mother except for my 1st 3 years and half, then he passed away. I am widely known in my family to be another carbon copy of his everything life style and way of thinking.
10. Food:
I just hate cheese like no other kind.
11. Slogan:
always say your good feeling to your loved ones, without any reason or decorations; you’ll never know when the last goodbye is.
12. Dreams:
my life I wished to become a radio announcer. Now I added being a well known free writer.
13. People:
I don’t loath a type of people, as much as I loath dependent dump ones.
14. Fact not Fiction:
no matter how so many friends I have, whither in reality or virtually, none (he/she) is a close intimate friend *and I meant that fully* a double edged privilege I’d say. Missing being myself in front of someone, yet on the otherhand, happy not having all the eggs I owe in one basket.
15. Weirdo:
one of the best thing I enjoy doing in kitchen is uncover the garlic *afasas toom , hehehe *
16. Beliefs:
I believe love is somewhere looking for only me, if its meant to be.. we’ll meet after all in the middle of the road.
17. Attitude:
one of the worst things I hate about myself is how I look silly sometimes for not starting a “Hi” or “Hello” or even a smile to the ones I know that I know them quite well, and I know they know me as well. Still I’d wait for the other to take the initiative step!! That’s why some thought I am enormous *this expression is a rough translation from a friend’s last post where he mentioned me between the lines* and others thought I am arrogant
18. Attitude:
I’ve never hated except 2 people in my life, now I am re-thinking about the 1st.
19. Fact not Fiction:
I hate to be praised directly and in public.

20. No need to mention >> I am a strong internet addict .. and can’t get rid of that!!!!!!!!!!!

I am currently tagging all the people on my right-side-bar-list. Please take part of your time to write 20 random things about only YOU :)

Quoting Me..

Fool to think: He's different than the rest..

They are all but faces to the same coin..
Sadly, you are one!

I didn't forget your tag Me and Tota, its matter of deep thinking girlies, nothing more or less :)

الجمعة، أكتوبر 14، 2005

Random bits and pieces..

I had to visit my uncle, and returned very late at night. Its hard to see my uncle this way, mm.. your heart will grief his whole situation. However, the only one thing I never imaged is the changes I saw in my cousin’s attitude. Somehow he turned into a religious person I never knew before *masha2 ALLAH* .. suddenly he gave up his nasty routine and turned to face God with grief of what he did all his life, fear of what to become of him in the future and a hope to have God’s help and mercy to move on forward. You can’t imagine this serenity I can feel from his tone of voice.. just like miracles really do come true and not just for Ramadan..

Returned back home, to be told by a friend that he un-expectedly discovered my blog, in one of these weirdest coincidences you might think of. With little talks about our latest he told me: last time we talked you were confused, now I touched some changes in you. I got that through your words on the blog..!

Totally exhausted, hardly could I close my eyes to sleep.. so long I’ve hadn’t had this intimate sit with myself.. just me, myself and I.. so long I miss talking to myself, but things are always in rush..
Sometimes you feel yourself stuck in a life jam.. you are looking around to find you are surrounded with hundreds of other-selves standing around you in random separated lines and curves, however, you feel you are alone in a wide desert watching sun setting on you, half sleepy half awake.. believe you understand what is going on, while in fact you are the most ignorant creature you might ever meet in your short life!

Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy the moment of self talking.. I closed my eyes…

Wake up still feeling exhausted.. but I had to get dressed and catch the 1st session in our new training about Human resources management.
How so ironical! Didn’t I tell you: we know nothing about ourselves thought we pretend we do ?!
I am taking off my stuff and things heading for a place to try to understand myself!
As if myself is a total stranger than whom I am and so I need a hand to dig deeper and discover treasures, I might die and still they’d be kept hidden unknown.. un-realized.. un-used..

The trainer said few outlines as an intro for our next session and the strategy we are going to walk by. I like the material going to be discussed *in sha2 ALLAH* mind mapping, NLP, analyzing characteristic traits.. he even did a simple experiment on one of the other members.. it was a shock for some of us!

Strangely, I felt I can understand this man.. he said he has strong telepathy.. but I say no.. he has strong sense of observation and prediction to the other response due his many experience. Yet, something inside me insets to refuse fully truth that person.

As soon as he finished, I ran out of the building. Somehow I don’t like standing with the folk. I like them .. some even I like alot.. however I felt I need to breath fresh air for a while.. so hard to feel suffocating in every place you go.. so hard to find the comfort with anything away from people’s existence in your horizon.
NOP, its not complex, I reckon.. and its not missing my confidence either.

I’ve been asked more than once.. “why do U like hiding away?”
And still and for always I find no answers available.. so without any bye byes I left..

Luckily, As I reached the station I found the CTA standing for me *please stop the envy green eyes :P :P*
On my way back I was thinking of my coming days.. how could I ever benefit my life?!
How to be productive wither for my own self or my nation or religion?!
I’ve tapped different routs in life. Not so many, but quite enough for a 20 years old girl. I imagined I saw myself at the end of some, and imagined I got astray in the rest.. yet after one wake up and one eyes closed.. I get lost between both.
Am I as good as I think?! Am I as talented as others repeat?! Or am I as simple as I am living?! And till where will I reach with my daily changes?!
And why don’t I find answers to the questions I have in mind?! Is it that difficult to watch a light hinting at the right way, or should I just walk in others’ shadows footsteps?!

Being effective is a difficult process to take, and even the more difficult is deciding which way you want to be effective and recognized in!!
Will I ever find mine?!

As I retuned to open the front door of my home, I couldn’t help but sleeping.. it wasn’t actually a sleep, but rather a nap or a state between being wide awake and asleep.. a state you got mixed up between reality and virtual hallucinations. I could see myself walking somewhere, and I could feel my feet paralyzed standing still, fixed to the ground.. I could hear my loud yelling and could feel how mute I turned out to be..

Am I sad or desperate or feeling low today?!
Actually no, I don’t think I was any of the above.. in fact I was happy.. happy again and for no proper reason. The same sort of happiness I feel each time I know I am going to go through an expedition to the unknown. And so I was happy, even till this moment when I am writing this few lines and listening to some few light melodies from my new age music collection, I still feel happy and relaxed though!
Could be I’d finish up my work today to wake up tomorrow as gloomy as I usually feel, and could be I’d wake up tomorrow still as happy as I am feeling now.

Going there is a true adventure I like doing from time to time. And even running away is yet another adventure I like living. Convincing myself that some how some might be asking .. :)

It was like watching my very own life raft floating away towards the open sea. And yet somewhere in mind's eye I thought I could see the faintest outline of land. Then it came to me that maybe that's the only thing life rafts are supposed to do. Taking the shipwrecked, not exactly to the land, but only in view of the land. The final mile being theirs alone to swim.
~*~ Anon

I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.
~*~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Quoting Me..

When you all of a sudden feel you want to keep scilent..
you HAVE to keep scilent..

When you all of a sudden feel you want to say you are sorry..
You OUGHT to say you're sorry..

But when you all of a sudden feel you want to say you are happy..
I wonder why your heart keeps beating fast >>>

PS: I have the 1st choice now in mind :S

الخميس، أكتوبر 13، 2005

Blah blah bla...

Today I was out of words for a second, and then returned back to my normal!
1. Was it my choice?
2. Wasn’t it my choice?
3. The second passed


Downloading Matlab 7 as 1.17 GB is getting on my nerve already.. let alone printing the assignment!!
1. Because Matlab sucks
2. Because the assignment sucks
3. Because Eng. Ahmed Mo7sein is dashingly a n*** :@ *sorry sir, can't help your vulgar attitude*


Reading a post, then reading the other, then going thru the 3rd.. Made me think, where had I been:
1. Utopia
2. dreams-come-true fairy land
3. Your blog!


Enough for me not-to-understand the situation to realize its not of my business..
1. had you got that?
2. had you understood that?
3. re-phrase.. both 1 & 2


Say whatever.. I don't mind lying anymore
1. you lie alot
2. I like your lying
3. already went deaf..


Being stuck in a boys' section for the rest of my 2 years, makes me wish to .. UGH!
1. throw up *excuse me guys.. but I can't handle the situation*
2. scream in your faces
3. burn the whole building


Why had people, all of a sudden, stopped ringing on me!?
1. suddenly all of them ran out of credit
2. suddenly all of them lost my number
3. suddenly all of them forget about me!


going to bed to start a new day tomorrow, with eyes open wide..
can't sleep, can't do my work, can't study and can't help in the housework either

1. I am in that position
2. I am in that position
3. I am in that position! *don't ask me: wah!.. *

answer the above question and post them to my snail mail.. the more you send letters with correct answers, the more your chance to win one of Blue's special offers for this week..
1. a beat on the head
2. a scream in the face
3. a frown look

الاثنين، أكتوبر 10، 2005

Pretty difficult to express when you are feeling that low.. *mahmoom awi*.. then suddenly you hear the Quran recited from no where..
Magically you feel you’ve taken off all the burdens.. and now your free to scream to all the people:

you fools, enough with it.. enough.. look at the days left in your lives.. stop the hate, stop the lies, stop the fights.. stop it all.. let us live together.. let us taste peace, serenity and tranquility.. let us love each other.. let us help each other till the rest of our days to come.. let us cuddle our flaws and forgive our mistakes.. let the bygones be bygones and just.. let me breath fresh air for once..

A dream within a dream

Dear who won’t pass by this letter;

I sat down to my desk today, since a long while now, preparing myself to study. Over 3 weeks passed already in my new semester, and I haven’t taken a single step forward YET! And guess what, I started with “electro magnetic waves” reference. We have been asked to prepare the 1st chapter for over a week now, however, I kept on postponing a day after a day, and now I am stuck, going through some stupid equations called *Maxwell’s equations*
I came across this line *the foregoing differential equations can be converted to integral form through the use of various vector integral theorems* then I stopped.
How gracefully the world keeps on turning and how non-sensely we try to ruin such beauty with complexity of deteriorating minds!!
Naa, I am not against science nor mathematical equations, its just I hate taking so much space, that we treat such delicate nature with a vision of numbers and set of rules..

As I was leaning to grip my pen back after it fell, I saw a folded white paper. I wrote that paper once upon someday for a list of songs I wanted to have, but I forgot all about..
That’s why you go away – Michel learns to rock
Nature boy – Nat king kol
The rain – José Feliciano
The wonder of you – Elvis
Until I find you again – Richard Marx.
Then my eyes met “if you go away – Sheryl bacy”.. Un-expectedly, it was on radio as well.. Call it weird coincidence or a mere luck.. Whatever.. I will still love this hit.
But this time it had a different taste.

Remembering my last decision leaving one thing I thought I love, because of other set of equations I had to stick to and solve mine, although I’d end up a loser both ways. I had to stand against my will to say “Enough I’ll have to leave”
Then in a memory flash I saw you sitting in front of my eyes with your back to the wall and looking up to the ceiling. The sound of my father’s voice asking you: “why are you silent still!” and your empty answer echoed in my ears..

So true you dreamt the impossible dream. So true it wasn’t your fault being worlds apart.

I turned my sight and saw her laughing out loud form her heart. Some how I admire seeing her shining smiling.. yet I turned to face your frown covering your every corner of your face. Somehow you ought to love her smile as well. Somehow you ought to make her happy after all.
Somehow We have to talk and walk.. to laugh and cry as we used to along the way of life and let her lead in front of falling shadows..

Let her live her dream and forget ours.. its her right now..

Yours sincerely;
Who can’t have what was lost..

sometimes I am glad that “return to sender” theory, exist in my life.

الخميس، أكتوبر 06، 2005

Talking about 1st day in Ramadan isn’t an easy task. For the flood of feelings you have can keep you silent for a whole year, till the next 1st day of Ramadan !

And due that exact feeling and the sudden awareness of piling up things to do wither in collage or in normal life, in addition to my terrible flu.. I guess I’d be keeping low profile in the blogging arena for a while.

Till my next real come back… keep your faith growing, keep the smile flourishing your faces and keep peace all around the place..
May Allah bless you all, and grand you his mercy and forgiveness.
And may you reach a place you’ve never dreamt of before.

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الاثنين، أكتوبر 03، 2005

Today is the DAY..........
Its Ramadan's Eve..

Many Many Happy returns of that holy month...
wait for the coming posts..

and remember.. "Wa'7awi ya Wa'7awi, Ramadan Karim ya wa'7awi"
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