الأربعاء، أغسطس 24، 2005

A new post

And I’ve check a blog of a friend I haven’t seen for a while. Just like any other time, I clicked on the link and wished to read a new thing. To my luck I found him post a brand new one. That drew a smile on my face, reading friend’s news from time to time!

But that time was different *without details* but getting into somebody’s interior life is really strange.. Some times its exciting.. and other times its boring..
Yet this time it was like sneaking from the back door.. or like poking my nose in someone’s privacy.
Yeah, I know he’s the one who posted his words on purpose. But I felt kind of blushing some how.. and when I heard the song he’d mentioned, I was surrounded by a foggy memory of some days passed me by. That right now, when I recall, I believe “these were the best days of my life”..

No matter if you’ll read that or not, I just wana tell you a little advice from your sister: keep on the feeling up high, keep it flirting every corner in your life.. and keep it pumping more..

Yours.. Blue

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