الثلاثاء، مايو 27، 2008

De lovely

I opened the radio today at work, and found Yiruma playing. It's probably the first time I hear Yiruma on an Egyptian radio station, and so I was happy.

His notes make me smile for no reason…

I just feel the world is so small, as small as a wafting musical note played elegantly on a piano..

On the moment I hear the Piano play :)


A lovely morning to all of you

الاثنين، مايو 26، 2008


الخميس، مايو 22، 2008

Blog post

Test blog post via email.

*Blue* on the run..
Never forget the flavor ;)


السبت، مايو 17، 2008

Book: The Secret

I read “The secret”, or let me be precise, I read half of “The secret”, or even more, 3 chapters of “The secret”.. because I couldn’t complete the book. I hated the concept.

Every one writes a book and says this is the ultimate solution of the whatever in life; and after reading and applying you will turn into another Einstein. We read, we apply, and it doesn’t work. It doesn't change anything. So the writers reply back, because we didn’t fully believe in “the concept” while applying.
Which is nonsense really.

“The secret” is mainly about “The Law of Attraction”. What you think of, returns back to you. If you think “happy thoughts”, you will meet “happy things” all through, and vice versa.
It’s true. I won’t say no. but that doesn’t guarantee full success.
What about destiny then? What about tests in life? What about wrong choices?
Everything would be conserved -just- into our own thinking?!
If we think we will have an accident, then we will have an accident?
That means that we die because we think we will die; which is not true, because we will die one way or another, because we have to.

See. That guy might have a point. Like when I think of car X for example. I walk in the street and notice that car X is everywhere, as if all cars suddenly turned into X.
If I think gloomy thoughts, I will turn sad; and hence sadness attracts more sadness.. and the windmill goes on and on.
That’s very true.
But I cannot control my destiny with my own thoughts.

May be the problem lies in our different religious believes?!
Islam says that you choose in life.. but you will meet tests too. Just to justify if you deserve heaven or hell.
I am not sure…

Just take my opinion about this book. Reading 1 chapter is more than enough. The book repeats it self one paragraph after the other. It’s not a “Secret”.. it’s a well known philosophy in life. You might find your self heard it accidentally somewhere you don’t remember. May be you’ve thought of this long ago, but was never aware of your thoughts.
The writing style is good. New if I can say.
Some people liked it, but I didn’t. I didn’t like explaining quotations this way. I am not dump… I can understand people’s words…

Look, all in all, I hated it… but who knows, you might hate me for hating it :D
Different opinions pals. And without differences, I would have forced everybody to think Blue :D

Chaw and see you later alligator ;)

الجمعة، مايو 16، 2008


لم أكن أتخيل أن فى إنسانية هذا العالم الإفتراضى ما يحزن إلى هذا الحد

لم أجد ما أقوله من الكلمات حين عملت بخبر غيبوبتها، فآثرت الصمت.
لا أحب مواقف الرثاء..
حتى علمت اليوم بخبر رحيلها..
لم أجد ما أقوله من الكلمات أيضا، لكننى بكيت

أراك برقتك يوما ما.. على خطى الجنة..
وأرى كتاب يحملُ حروف إسمك على رفوف مكتبتى..

سأحمل الريح في طريقي
مضى من العمر ما يكفي لأن أتوقف عن أن أكون المصب، مضى ما يكفي لأمتهن مهنة أخرى غير مفترق الطرق، والتفرس في الأصوات المتداخلة، لعلي أسمعك..

مضى ما يكفي لأن تتوقف عن العبور بركني البعيد، دون أن تأبه بإلقاء تحية وحتى لو كانت تحمل ملامح الغرباء..

مضى ما يكفي، لأن أمضي

الثلاثاء، مايو 13، 2008

سؤال محيرنى

إحنا بنكبر لما بنشيل الهم..
ولا بنشيل الهم لما نكبر؟

الأحد، مايو 11، 2008

سنة الجواز

وزى ما كل بنت نفسها تعيش دور العروسة
كل أم نفسها تعيش دور أم العروسة

من العتبة للموسكى

- تفتكرى البلد دى ممكن تنضف؟
سرحت كتير وقالت: - إتكدست.. إتكدست بشكل غير طبيعى

الخميس، مايو 08، 2008

Far Far Away..

I Installed Linux Ubuntu lately. I'm not sure if it is better than Windows or not, but I'm sure it makes one feel better. Better in a way that at least you are not hacking somebodies' property.
Now I can use everything as free and Halal.. so Viva Linux.

There is a very beautiful application called “Amarok” for music. To tell you the truth, I've heard positive feedback about it, that made me feel more excited to discover, and yes, believe me it's worth it all. One of the easiest media players I've used.
So I was organizing my files, when I got me playing them.
Gosh! .. I think I've forgotten since when I started collecting those 20+ Gb of my favorite music.
>> Play..
And as if it's my first time to listen to music. It's been a while.. quite a long while..

I'm thinking of opening a new blog. Probably I'd do it tonight, or probably never.
I wish to dedicated for spontaneous talk. Like how I hear my head without thinking much if I should, or if I shouldn't.
There are so much trouble in the world, that doesn't need to add more worries when addressing the void as well..

today is my first day in my 5 days off from work.
The first day, thats today, already gone. I thought I will study, I thought I will read.. I thought I will write, I thought I will go play sports.... but I ended up organizing my files and folders.
A not bad bargain after all.. especially that I think, I should lose hope towards the new position I am applying to.

Probably the world still hides magic somewhere far far away, especially for me :)

Currently listening to a favorite masterpiece "Caravan" by "Pages"

الخميس، مايو 01، 2008

عن حزم الشخصية أتحدث

وكل حد مكبوت من شغله أو مخنوقة من بيتها
يا يطرد البواب.. يا تغير الشغالة

ثم اطلق الدائرة لعنان إتساعاتها