السبت، سبتمبر 30، 2006

3 Questions and *an* answer

Enough with people telling me “you look depressed”.. “you sound depressed”.. “you acted depressed”.. ENOUGH!
what you want me to do then, huh?
Ok, tell you what, I am depressed, and a hopeless case as well, would that make you feel better?!
I’m just fed up fe3lan, ya3ni what you think I can do now?! Huh, begad.. a3ml eh?!


Howa you love and be loved just like normal humans?
You even said “you do not know” was I dreaming when I read that?!!!
Ain’t it weird I place you always in that high place in my heart?
Won’t you tell me who are you?!


Is it hard for google to show who is reading and who is subscribed to my blog? With some extra buttons to indicate how much they are affected?!
I wonder where the humanly side of the internet has gone?!


Would you Believe, I just opened my email now, to find this picture sent to me by someone, I do not know.
However, the fact is, thi sone is one of my very best songs.. ever..
I 1stly listened to it about 8 years ago in a program by an announcer called "Fouad Nehad" on radio cairo. But now he's gone to a Saudi TV channel. and yet, got to know its name like a year ago or something :)

read the picture, listen to the song, and ENJOY :)

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