الخميس، سبتمبر 21، 2006

Expect respect...

I love this post by Hope..

Here are parts of what my son, who is an engineering sophomore in the States, told me in a recent phone call:

Our religion has good things in it, but people have reduced it to "this is haram, and this is haram". People are only interested in the rituals, and even those are performed without spirit, and they know nothing of religion beyond that. We have no morals and no ethics. We do not really value human beings, work or science, even if we say we do. That's the difference between us and them. That's why we are so backwards, we do not even have a clue!

We are all about how things look like, people put an act all the time. We are all about bragging about what we have and not what we are.

You know all the things you used to tell me over and over again.Well, I used to think why is my mom so different from all the others. But you know what, there are many people like you here. People who think that a car is good enough if it can take you from point A to point B.

Giving a dollar to the mosque instead of buying a coke, makes me feel good, and I am losing weight.

You've been telling me all these things all along, but I had to hear them from my Professor to get convinced!

I miss you, but I am glad I am here. I am learning new stuff everyday, and what I am learning is really interesting. I get a chance to do research too, and that's a real opportunity.

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