الثلاثاء، سبتمبر 19، 2006


You sometimes smile, not for a reason, but you miss yourself while smiling. You smile for the smile's sack :)
You might be depressed, down or whatever, and you smile pitying yourself..
You smile for remembering a friend, a quotation or an incident.. listening to your song.. finishing a book.. reading a post.. or even seeing a beautiful something, and may be for the over beauty, you might find nothing is left for you to do but praise ALLAH and smile..

It might be one hot, or rainy day when you hate yourself the most, but meet a smile, a single smile that would turn the whole thing upside down..
You smile for a kid smiling,, or for dew on a morning flower.. or you smile for a quite breeze passed you by ..
Or may be you'd smile for something you thought of or wrote..

You’ll be smiling, and do not notice you are.. but once the people tell you how gorgeous you look like while smiling,,, you'll remember to smile always,,
then remind me to smile as well..

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