الأحد، ديسمبر 04، 2005

So far..

1. I sort of managed to cut down the time I waste online. Some friends confirmed I am not observed on the MSN as much as I used before, and this is due 2. and 3.
2. I kind of helped a friend out of a problem he previously mentioned. No need for details, but cutting down internet *for me* was a must.
3. Our 1st term project finally was issued alone with the Nth exam for this term and the 2154948797468544 assignment! .. time seems valuable as it has never been before!
4. Our conference’s welcome party is on Thursday, and to my amazement I have to handle some work by then *since I am in the publication organizing committee*. God knows when, how or where I can do such thing! Anyways, let me not think that far, I am still living the Sunday……
5. Last microwaves exam was a real misery. Wish next time I’d grap the full mark, AT LAST!
Ps: I don’t mind if its full mark minus few marks.. just take me off the danger zone I’ve invaded with my last grades!!!
6. I went with mother to few malls shopping yesterday. Yet looks like I don’t have a will to look at the hanging clothes as well, I nearly bought nothing.
7. I guess it’s publically observed now that I decreased the number of my effective posts and comments as well. People, I want to apologize to you all.. especially Olivia and Jia Li. *just don’t forget asking from time to time.*
8. The count down is ON.. my final exams for this semester will start on the 25th this month and would finish on the 22nd of January, isA. In other words, no feast celebrations, no party for my 21th birthday *as my usual*, and no having fun with Osama and Ashraf’s in their special new year’s eve program on radio *crying*. Last year I sung with them ON AIR.. that was hell loads of fun there…. *crying increased*
9. I am crying now.. don’t disturb.
10. If I remembered something, I’d soon add… as for now… Lasto is signing off..

73’s everybody…

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