الأربعاء، ديسمبر 21، 2005

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Of all the things that would be said or done, the least expected would be:
Sheryos deleted his space early this morning..

I know U were in a sort of deep depression, but that would never give you the right to delete things you’ve already accepted to share with people. U got to know, since the very second anyone decides to write something in his/her space/blog, it no longer belongs to the writer, but to the reader.
I consider what U did is a crime I won’t forgive you for, as a reader before being a friend.

Anyhow, after I poured out my anger.. I would like to add one more thing, thank ALLAH I told you to join the aggregator at the proper time.. for here you can find parts of what you’ve wrote through out the days.. wish reading your OWN words would be a proper punishment for what you’ve just committed!

No goodbyes and no sweet-dreams to U…

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