الأربعاء، ديسمبر 28، 2005

Dear Whoever; (updated)

So today is THE day I’ve been anticipating for long!
Let me say my reasons *in a chronological order* then you decide yourself:

28th of December 1988:
He firstly saw this earth’s light.. yet now he’s walking around, wandering and pondering.. asking and wishing if today he’d find a star,, if today he’d have his present..
I’m sorry I’ve failed you down this time *exams you know* I had no time to think of anything special *as if I’d do :P * .. but anyways..

*his nickname, and don’t laugh :D *

*GOSH! He’s 17 already…. Why on earth years are passing that fast!* One thing I want to add, it’s no matter how we nag all the time, no matter how we fool around each others. No matter how we react nonsensly.. I still remember the times we’ve laughed and the times we’ve cried together under the same ceiling, to draw the same cherished memorize in the heart..
Thank you for being part of my life, thank you for being my dearest of all dear brother :) :)

28th of December 2004:
Was my 1st time to say “Dear whoever
I still remember when I 1stly said: I send my words to the void, and wish someone, somewhere would listen.. So may be you are the one to read my message in a bottle or in a Blog!!”
And till today, I never imagined I’d have this over whelming welcome from each and every one of you.
YES! That was our anniversary that I’ve mentioned days ago.. a year ago it was me and the void celebrating 1st post on "On My Own".. today, its me and nearly 25 who visits my blog frequently and either leave a comment, or discus it with me directly in person..
Guys and gals you’ve made un-forgettable days of my life.. you made it look brighter at times it seemed so low.. you are a new treasure added to my life..
If you may allow me to just say a special thanks sent to 2 people I got to know simply for the stream of bits over IP *quoting here* though they share nearly the same very activity of mine everyday and since a very very long time..
Sheryos *Shrex back to life* .. & T’ee *>>Cout “Trex OST”*
And still more to come in the way isA….
Thank you for coloring my days sometimes..
Urs, BluxX

28th December 2005:

wait for the updates… :)

Tada, Tada I’m signing off.. singing along the way.. Singing a happy song..
sweets dreams, and good night.

finally found someone to listen :)


Updates:YAY!! I got my 2nd piece to be posted in the "Destoor" newspaper, page 25 :) and BTW: i got another wonderful surprise at the end of the day; That you'd propably know after a couple of weeks or so.. Wish me luck :) :) ;)
BTW: U can check it here

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