الأحد، ديسمبر 18، 2005

kicking off today..

ONLY Yesterday
Phew! I’ve just finished my midterm exams, quizzes and reports. So I gave myself a day off. Nearly stopped all my usual stuff in a way trying to relax, for I am just about to start my damn final exams next Sunday till the 22nd of January by God’s willing! Then it would be my turn to get down to this term’s major project and researches!! GOSH!

Anyways, I played reverse online, and I won twice in a row! *I believe from now on, I’ll skip the beginners’ level ;) *
I even get into various knowledge quizzes. One of them was about the famous novels’ 1st lines; and guess what I met:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair ..."

Can you, by any chance, remember ;) ;) .. *i know its not very tricky, but that novel got lots of special memorizes.. hints: at school times..*
At around 2 in the morning, I switched off lights –but for my small lamplight- opened my closet and started to re-organize my studying papers, books, notebooks and references; each subject in a row according to its timing in our schedule. Then at around 4 a.m. I closed the lights and prepared myself for dreams-sweet-dreams.. *actually I hadn’t had a single dream in zillion days ago, wonder what’s wrong :s *

I set my alarm to wake at 9 a.m., but in fact after the *snooze… snooze.. snooze… offffftt.. Alarm OFF* I wake up at 12 noon :D .. in less than 30 mins I made my breakfast, my daily tea with milk cup, filled my bag with some studying papers, changed my cloth then TADA.. Off to the club to study. It’s been my favorite time of the year to study in the club; the sun would be shining and the weather just perfect. So I gripped myself a chair, and a table in a sunny spot. Amazingly, after only half an hour I discovered that nearly all the people sitting beside me are 1 of 3 cases:

1. Old people trying to enjoy the sun.
2. House wives with lots of young kids playing *and by the way, I hate when I have kids around me while I am trying to focus*
3. A lot of couples pretending to study :D

So I took my leave *bkaramti keda* and started my usual walk. Did I ever tell you I like walking in a rout called “love-street” in our club?! OK! I love it for the flowers and trees on both sides along the way. Tell you, for a second I did as my usual when I am trying to connect with nature or in other words, trying to cheer myself up; I closed my eyes and opened my arms hugging the gentle winter breeze. YAY! Now I am totally sure those cherished moments are my life-time’s treasure.

Back on track, I continued my walk, still yesterday rain’s impact was obviously seen every where. The play grounds were fill with water ditches, the trees looked brighter than the usual, the see-saws where abandoned by kids, even the smell of the air was still as fresh as if it was raining seconds ago. Then I passed by the shopping area, and guess what! I couldn’t resist the library.. I entered, wandered then pondered between the books on the shelves and to my luck I fished a new one for myself!! Another *Salah Jaheen”’s poetry book. I paid the money then went outside; going through its pages while walking. Now I got 5 whole books for Jaheen in my library, and I even asked the librarian to sell more of his and other poets’ books, and so she promised she will. Holding my 2nd treasure firmly between my hands I entered the groceries and bought a piece of choco croissant to eat. *ain’t that too much as a treat, am I spoiling myself now or wah!!*

mm.. Returned back to some other building called “the social club”, I got myself a chair to sit in the balcony there, over looking the swimming pool. But the scene was way to gorgeous for me to study! I kept on gazing and trying to write something.. its been ages I haven’t wrote a proper post either on this blog or my Arabic “lasto adri” blog. And tell you what, I wrote new Arabic post.. but dunno why I torn the paper!

At around 4 pm I took my stuff and things heading my home-sweet-home :) .. as I entered my room I opened my PC then got my new treasure out of the bag. I started playing some more of my new age music and dived in the marvelous world of Jaheen’s.

Now I don’t know why I wrote all the above, it makes no sense talking about the non-sense. But sometimes I think, the world is full of weird forms of insanity that would make you appreciate yours even more..

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