الجمعة، ديسمبر 15، 2006

La la laaa…

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I was playing with my camera tonight..
You know I joined a forum for teaching photography. Knowing how to express yourself thru arts is a bless. All forms of arts: music, writing, drawing even photographing is yet a form of arts where you find beauty thru a lens.
Today was nothing serious really, I mean, I’m not a pro, not till a few years ahead. However, its one thing I’m keeping in mind now ;) ..

You know that I used to draw?
Oh, yeah.. I used to draw before.. and had a future, that’s how people told me. It wasn’t weird to be so. My uncle is one, and my grandfather to my mother was actually a painter. I can photo his portraits, yeah I will defiantly, just after the coming exam I will isA.

Early in time, when he was still breathing, he got an offer from the Louver to place his paints there. Would you believe he said no?!
That’s a very famous legend in our family. He got a picture in the citadel by the way :)
That’s my grandfather, that I met for only my 1st 3.5 years of my life, but can brag that me and him are 2 identities, 2 different times, yet one copy..

Anyways, I’ll leave you with my new photos set “Orange ”..
Believe it or not, its NOT by Photoshop… just my lil cam. ;)

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