الأربعاء، ديسمبر 27، 2006

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Yesterday wasn’t a pleasant night to end with the day. Inspire of The day that was excellent and unique in way I can describe..

Had my 1st “real” project meeting, and was glamorous. We had lots of fun el 7amd lelah.. think now we’ll have loads of funny days working together isA. especially “the moro effect” :P

Then returned home to apply the lesson and install Linux, lol what happened is that (ana 3aket el donia) and divided a drive into 3 partions.. now know something I learnt the hard way out..
1. any Swap drive should be twice the RAMs value, and no more than 2 gigs no matter what!
2. always and always allow Linux to check your CDs !
3. on the other side of installation, try to have an expert with you on phone, online.. sitting beside you 7ata.. especially if its your 1st time to ever touch Linux screen :D I had 2, one of them is Sameer.. and tell you, he’s excellent help msA…

And after all that misery to discover these simple rules. The CDs for installing seemed corrupted, and I was on my nerves ba2a and wished to do something in this computer el 7a2e2a.. a burn it.. a throw it.. 7aga keda..

So now, its either I’ll have to download the whole cds again… OR borrow a DVD drive from someone…
Both cases are awful to me..

How can I mange to get over this ERROR: MD5 sum doesn't match. The medium should not be used.

Looks, really nothing comes easy.. you have to sweat a lot ..
Phew.. will go now.. salam

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