الأربعاء، ديسمبر 06، 2006

Shop around the corner, again :)

Phew, I’ve just finished watching one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever knew.. “U’ve got mail” can’t u smell the charm coming out of this 3 words phrase.. U’ve.. got.. mail.. aww!
I wondered a lot why do I consider it my ultimate favorite movie of all times. Sometimes I fully believe that I am “Kathleen Kelly” herself. I know you might think it’s a silly thought to believe, but I feel the connection between me and her all through different roads of life. Especially this phrase where she was reading a mail sent to “Joe Fox”:

“Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, not small, but circumscribed. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven't been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void.”

How many times I asked myself that specific part and in that specific order?! Mm.. yeah, I do a lot.. Using the words “Dear void”, “dear friend”,,, all those are hers. Even having that taste of understanding people without a single word!.. I’m not in a state to brag about it, but really those who knows me in person understand the feeling senses I got; just like “Kathleen Kelly”..
If for any chance I got to live a movie, instantly I’ll choose to be her in that adorable movie, even if it went forever.. I won’t mind, I won’t mind at all. *especially it was our favorite movie, but alas, you no longer care :( , though you’re still the best my friend*

- You're crazy about him...
- Yes. I am.
- Then why don't you run off with him? What are you waiting for?
- I don't actually know him.
- Really?
- We only know each other - oh, God, you're not going to believe this...
- Let me guess. From the Internet.
- Yes.
- You've got mail.
- Yes.
- Three very powerful words.
- Yes.

Today I was off to another meeting in collage; well it wasn’t very beautiful in fact. I mean I didn’t enjoy it to the fullest, though our team was awarded for the best team work this month. Mm.. I guess we deserve such a thing though it’s not that important, we already love each other this way or another. May be we’ve been out of getting in touch lately *life always ruins the purest of all pure moments* but somehow I don’t mind. I’ll still love our moments together, and cherish them deep in my heart :)
Ah, but the best thing that really happened then, was the book. Oops! Hadn’t I tell you I was waiting for a book, let me check the previous post..
Yeah! I did mention that. I asked a friend to buy it for me, actually Sheryos was. And to my surprise he got it right the 2nd day.. WOHOOW! I actually started reading it already *quite enthusiastic, U bet ;) * but apparently the writer uses a difficult language style I am not used to, so I guess going to take some more time until I’ll get used to it. :) .. but just to remember the note: “I thank U ya sheryos for that, u’ve added one more beautiful gesture to my day”
But the comment I’ll never forget in my entire life is from our AC head, he just told me: “u talk to people as if they are a sound source, nothing more or less. U focus as if you’re listening to radio.” .. Excellent remark I didn’t pay attention to though it’s really MY-VERY-OWN-SELF!!!

- When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.

Then after the meeting I waited for the bus on the bus stop with my lovely friend, Bavalova. We’ve waited and waited and waited.. nearly all the people left while we were standing in the exact place when suddenly an idea jumped in both of our minds at once *Lets party*. It wasn’t parting in the exact literal meaning, but rather lets have some fun. So I called my mother: “mum we’ll go for a walk right now down town, and we’ll have lunch as well, don’t worry.. ok thanks mum.. byee”
Then TADA, we took the 1st bus and zooooot off down town. We’ve wondered here and there. We ate in the street “Shawrma” then ice cream *surely my favorite flavor was 1st choice :P*. after ice-creaming in that cold weather with loud and wild giggles all through the way we went up stairs in a mall shopping. Actually wasn’t shopping, but rather wondering between cloths shelves :D .. nearly we’ve made fun on each and every single piece we’ve met. YAY! Jumping to my feet now, it was no doubt not-less than LOVELY time together..

-What about you, is there someone else?
-No. No, but, but there's the dream of someone else.

As I returned back home I dashed for a nap about an hour and a half. Dead tired, exhausted, sleep.. blah blah.. When I wake up, “U’ve got mail” was already waiting for me. Made my hot cup of green tea with jasmine, sat on living room’s couch , holding a pillow with lots of handkerchiefs waiting… *sigh* just when the show just begun :)

-You know, sometimes I wonder...
- What?
- Well... if i hadn't been "Fox Books" and you hadn't been "The Shop Around the Corner," and you and I had just met...
- I know.
- Yeah, yeah. I would've asked for your number. And I wouldn't have been able to wait 24 hours before calling you up and saying, Hey, how about... oh, how about some coffee, or drinks, or dinner, or a movie... for as long as we both shall live?

Couple of minutes later I found a friend calling me, we’ve already fixed a date for another going out.. How splendid you’re life goes when you take it to the wildest!
Ah! After I hung up I went to clean the kitchen humming and singing “somewhere over the rainbow” however, looks I made some noise that wake my mother up. She approached and we started some talks and gossips ;) then we sung a song together in the middle of the night. How can I describe the feeling! Just do you have a word in the dictionary that would clearly describe the feeling of flying way up high.
I love You mum..
Hadn’t I told you I believe I am “Kathleen Kelly”.. and I now believe that ever more, though entirely different versions but.. for the same copy..

-Don't cry, Shopgirl. Don't cry.
- I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.

Good night Cairo, it was splendid living today


PS: Today I watched the movie, actually JUST finished the movie, and so I remembered this post i wrote last January.. The odd thing about it, is the memories, that quite similar to today's memories as well :) I had a meeting, and Sheryos gave me a new book.. May be I didnt party with Bava. today, or sing with mother.. or even drink a cup of tea :) .. However..... I still feel it badly, and so I brought it to life again..
Thanks for however will be reading..

The odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.

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