الخميس، ديسمبر 28، 2006

Collisions in Cyber space..

What’s the secret in hitting the “downloads” button whenever I visit any website. And the more free downloads I find, the more I love the place and bookmark it in most cases..!
Collisions in cyber space.. you talk to somebody and discover s/he’s not male/female as you thought! Myself, I’ve been called a male many times. Might be for the pre-drawn imagine baby blue and baby pink ..
And in most cases you don’t know wither to apologize if it wasn’t an intended mistake. Or just leave it to time wash it away..
It's very VERY cold yesterday and today... Don't know how would I go out during Eid days.. Looks like i'll be tortured by real hell these days.
Looking as panda in an un-comfy days for me...
My inbox got greetings from people I know nothing about! New year.. feast.. etc. Some names are familiar from my college.. but how they got my email in the 1st place?!
And as expected, no matter how I tried to hold myself.. I replied them one by one…
Guess I’ll choose option 2, and leave time wash it away.
Hmm.. it wasn’t on purpose after all… :)

TADA.. Leave ya to walk in the winter wonderland.. Where the green grass grows…
Sorry, Off to my desk I mean :P ..

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