الخميس، نوفمبر 23، 2006

A journey..

You only have to buy one gum pack to find your 5L.E. .. puff… all gone!

I was passing by the newspaper old man on the college’s corner today, when I found a new volume for Fouad Hadad, “YAY! Now I have 4 parts… what a treasure”, so I thought. There was another book for Bahaa Taher, yet didn’t have enough money to buy el 7a2e2a. So asked the man to leave me a copy till Saturday. I’d dye to buy it, like how I always do..
I am weak when it comes to books and stuff as such. My mother always fights with me because never had the saving money luxury. It’s always and always my money is “wasted” –so how she thinks- on nothing –that’s books, from her point of view as well-! Yet, if I bought make up for example - which I disgust- she’d never talk!
Again the same old fashionable look for a female in our society. Her looks not her mind.. Her body not her soul…
>> “sheddy 7elk..” a voice was talking to me, so turned around to see its B. greeting..
>> “eeh! 3andk analoge bardo?!”
> “ah, but what I am holding is not” and showed him the Fouad Hadad’s book, so he nodded..
>> “yes, I know you are that…..” and I didn’t concentrate in whatever he was telling after wards. I hate it when someone comes around to disturb when you finally feel Happy, “I connected with myself!”
Gosh, this world won’t leave you alone.

The exam wasn’t pretty, however good enough not to feel that disappointed. This year I am not into studying at all. I heard it a lot, when you enter your last year you lose your eagerness for learning.. and YES I lost it awi. Can’t study at all, can’t even talk about studying. My biggest dream is to graduate and work. I wish to work today before tomorrow so I can buy all the books without someone interfering “you waste your money on nonsense!” neyahahahaaaa
By God’s sake, what’s the hell is that!

There I sat beside some guy keda on my way back home. Looks a middle age person, with a childish face, and childish attitude as well. He opened his mobile and started listening to all the stupid ness of rap and hip hop music! I loath it.. for quite a good time wished to tell him “PLEASE put your ear phone!” .. again similar disturbance.
Disconnected.. again..

Wasn’t a coward before, yet didn’t find a will inside to enter any sort of discussion with anyone. I wanted to keep looking out of the window and that’s it. Never to think of anything else. Till the moment I reached my peak, and was about to yell at his face.. However, he actually switched it off! Strange isn’t it..?!

Did I say I didn’t wish to think?
Yes, I did
I saw a girl wearing a very strange 3abaya. Myself, never wore a 3abaya before, and guess won’t. Not because I am not a strong Muslim, yet.. I don’t like the perspective itself! I don’t know.. I don’t feel liking it as much as I don’t like boys with long beards and short trousers! By God’s sake, if you’d to wear something that you think is not in your culture then at least behave to it! I don’t know begad… can’t understand this mentality as well.. all the extremist mentalities (whether rightists or leftists) are still so vague to me. May be one day I would get to know someone behaving this way to get it.

When that all dragged me into another something I noticed while the bus was moving. Lets say.. hmm.. Almost 15% only of the cars moving around us didn’t have religious symbols…

In our car, there is The Holy Quran placed, however in a locked drawer. Never ever showed to the public. I can hardly remember a day my father walked with a seb7a. Nor did I!
Yes, I remember once I had this key chain as a Ka3baa, I used to use for quite sometime, not because it’s a religious figure yet because my mother brought it to me when she went to a pilgrimage, and so I love to keep anything from her with me always. Now I keep it in my memories box to preserve it longer. My new key chain is simply a colorful hand :) I could have bought it “Besm ALLAH” or something as such.. yet never thought of it this way.. Mm,, ok,, my necklace even is not anything Islamic.. Its just a heart and a key! (I might talk about it later on)..

The above thoughts even dragged me further to another thought. My Christian father friends, almost 90% of them are called “Atef”.. “Nagi”.. “Anwar”… etc. however the newer generation (that is their kids) are almost 80% called “Micheal”.. “Bishoy”.. “John”.. etc. I don’t know about Islamic names.. I believe “Mohamed” and “ahmed” I guess it was there life long.. or what you think? Didn't follow el 7a2e2a..
I am not to prove a theory, or to state a fact. Just thinking… ah.. my mind never rests.. always thinks keda..
May be its time to open up..

Now I am reading a new book about the mamaleek history in Egypt. It might be the strangest of all to talk about. And guess I will talk about it later on “lasto adri” Arabic blog, because guess it deserves..

OK! The exams week is over, partially over in fact.. still got one final exam on Monday, however won’t worry my mind that much now. I’ll play today, at night will go out with family isA (tell you about it later as well), and tomorrow will be the day! My brother’s graduation party..

Yalla, see you around people..
And welcome Void, my old friend..
Tada, Blue..

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