الخميس، نوفمبر 16، 2006

Different tunes, same melody..

LoL at this life..!
That song got some memories. Have heard it long ago in one trip keda after a friend asked to. Now, I no longer see this friend and didn’t remember the song for a very long time, until yesterday!
I was wondering in my tangle of musical pieces on my PC, I usually do not know what is there. I just click and download without knowing exactly whats there. And sometimes I forget the CD for hell of time, and discover it by a chance keda, or even forget all about it, and re-download it another time unaware it exists aslan :D

SO, was listening to “Buddha Bar” collection, when I heard this version of “Comme toi”.. searced abit more to find another one called “Comme toi” on my PC by Tina Arina.. while the one my friend told me about is “Calling you” by Grace Deep…
And the three of them are sung in Arabic, English and French..

I do not know which one is better for you.. however, I reckon the 3 of them worth listening..
Enjoy and tell me what you think ;)

Ps: just did some search keda, and found yet another “male” version for "comme toi" by “Jean Jacques Goldman”

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