الأحد، نوفمبر 12، 2006

Before yesterday's universal goodnight..

Yesterday, before I went to sleep something hidden urged me to read my favorite short story again! Yeah something stupid I do not know, because my favorite story is not a good or a marvelous one. It’s nothing at all. You might have thought of it before, but never believed it existed. But no, the writer wrote in the 1st page, it is a true story he knew so close. And I kept it in my drawer for long. Always wished to live it once, though I know it’s impossible. It is the impossible itself. It’s a hopeless case. Mere torture in our living days. A misery by the word if it ever happened now. But yet I know it happens, and it will always happen as long as the human inside us is living still!

So hard to give away the core of your spirit.. Yes! But We are all humans at the end. We are humans and it’s a matter of soul’s talk that would define how to continue the way.. a spirit to spirit intimate relation ship.. and that’s what made it my best….

Hmm, it was something stupid to mention. But, I was thinking of it yesterday so strong, that I searched for the book here and there.. till I got it,,,, and kept reading the story over and over again!

Can’t hide people, but can’t help me underline few words there! I never ever noticed before.. as if the writer is talking to me. And YES only me in the universe, though he’s telling the story of someone else..

I never told one about the story and would never will, I wished it to happen but was afraid it would, and afraid someone would know about me thinking this way….
But do u think someday, would I ever choose this torture to live?!
I wish now to parish before the choice time is to come…

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