السبت، نوفمبر 25، 2006


Again same old story.. when I feel hatred for someone I used to like.. bl a7ra, its not hatred, but feeling of disgust.. or may be.. nop.. not disgust.. feeling that suddenly wide towns and villages built between us and I don’t wish to cross it anymore!
I know how to react to this, don’t try to nag me. Don’t try to impose your picture in my life, I will even hate you more. Just leave me to calm down, until I am whole again and will return back. I will return back with a smile, a joke, an email.. an sms.. or a simple Hello..

Now I have someone in that phase with me, and the other someone I am in that phase with her.
Both ways, I will hang the issue as a matter of time. I do not want to talk about it.
Though I know, now, I hate both of them, despite both are my best and closest friends..

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