الأربعاء، نوفمبر 15، 2006

I still remember what I did yesterday

OK! Never thought prayers can be replied that fast. But dearly deeply truly El 7amd lelah “Thank YOU ALLAH for everything”!
If I didn’t have taken my decision, I would have been lost forever between the projects’ leftover.. We ALL would have been so! I still Can't belive how I changed the whole plans in just a second, and for no proper reason BUT my heart told me I should act firmly..

In this hectic, digi life.. there is no place for emotions, relationships or sympathy. Just look for your favor, thats the rule from 1 to 10.. UNLESS, its someone you regard as a part of your soul or self..

Could you believe the irony! Could you believe, that the whole punch of people (I mean even the ones I so-called betrayed yesterday) all of them are thanking me! I truly saved their future projects….

Now, I have nothing to say… Thank YOU ALLAH, and THANK YOU begad “My intuition” ;) ..

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