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A msg should be sent..

I had so many things to say about a friend i got to know lately, a pure soul I cherish, and a HUMAN by all the meanings this word may hold. To BiBo (or Dananeer as known on blogs), I want to say: I am greatful knowing a person like you and sharing part of -if not almost all- of my thoughts.
Thank you for the lovely words you sent me today, feeling the warmth thru each and every word, I thought, I should place it where it should belong for the memory to live life long. I truely Love you BiBo, I truely do :)
What can I say!! U make me cry Really thanks ya blue For saying it and describing it So well and so true Right from the heart To the void. I just saw the title this morning @ work and couldn't help it I start smiling Read the 1st lines then send it to all my friends, printing it and after I finally went home. And while sitting in bed I get them out
I read them and I couldn't help it. Keep on touching us ya blue with these sweet and true feelings that touches our hearts.

These was what I wrote after watching the movie me too love it deeply

(1) U 've got mail..
“Have you ever felt like this?” I've seen this movie So many times and still I love it and never bored from it. I love so many things in it. Every time I sit to watch it I sit with the anxious of watching it for the 1st time. I feel I don't want to miss a thing. And in the same time I'm watching it with missing the warmth of an old friend I didn't see for a while ( :

(2) "Around The Corner"
You may find it funny But I had some dreams long time ago And still I hold those dreams inside Wishing they come true one day at least one of them or the heart from all of them.. The aim and the meaning come true

My dreams
These dreams actually concerning my professional life But I always see it as a way of living life being something in it and most of all doing something you feel it deserve all your life.
One of my dreams -my biggest I think- is having a bookstore and nursery school at the same time -mainly for kids, may be orphanages- a one just looks like "The Shop Around The Corner" where me with other people, can guide those kids through their early life
I've always wished to be "The Book Story Lady" and I've always dreamt of "Shop around the Corner". I really believe that showing Kids books, introducing them to this world, And above it all, Make them find their ways starting from their favorite childhood books. Yes I believe that our childhood books Are part of us and what we'll be come.
Every time I see the movie I feel I'm seeing the dream of my life I grab it from inside asking myself “Could it become true one day?? Can I do it?? Am I brave enough and believe enough to do it?”

Talking about life dreams and life choices brings me to other related thing -Always on my mind- Somehow I'm strange person and a complex human being; but this not what I want to talk about. I actually want to talk about choices we made through the life we live. Things we've the well to protect and fight for -And most of all- Love it from the heart Make it with love and because of love. I really miss this so much and this is the problem.
I don't find myself in what I'm doing though I'm doing fine in it and people appreciate. But I don't taste it. I try to love what I'm doing but there is always the picture of doing something with so much… I don't know how to express it, with love and believe, taking whatever time and making whatever efforts to make it succeed; To feel it really worth it at the end of each day while thinking in bed before sleep, And to wake up feeling that I can't wait to start doing it.
It will open new doors and hidden doors inside the soul. I'll be ready to give and also fight for it whenever is required. It'll show me myself inside Part of me that has always been there and couldn't grape it to life.

There is a dream of someone
I always dream of it that person that can be a shelter and a friend He/she don't know me
As I don't know him I mean we don't know how we look like. We didn't become friends because of the outside; The whole outside not only shape, But because of these tiny little things inside a person not so perfect and knows well that I'm totally away from being perfect but in the same time this don't matter in soul to soul friendship.
Very well said BiBo.....
Time to go ... 73's

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