الأحد، فبراير 19، 2006

Another lost msg...

When I’m there I feel like home. Feel like I’ve found the warmth I was seeking. I’ve found the love and passion I lack. I know I can fly out there to the 7th sky. I can – I know I can- be the one thing I wish myself to be, whenever I am there..
I can hear me singing without songs
I can see my dancing without music
I can feel me happy, spreading a bright and shining look..

I like it knowing that we share the same place in the heart.. I like it knowing that some where out there we can be together for long without disturbance or poking noses.. away from eyes.. away from nagging thoughts.
Hiding from myself to you..
Only if I can .. I might leave everything and just spend the rest there, where I know we are together….
I might be dreaming, I might be hallucinating, but one thing I know.. one thing above all I can swear I am sure..
There, I’ve found a part of me lost time ago… and to different places went astray..

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