السبت، فبراير 11، 2006

I am in collage now, waiting for my friends to finish their section so we'd continue our work in our project *the 64-input priority encoder thingy*. We've screwed things up yesterday. Actually more than 60% of the proper work wasn't done! .. It’s a bit silly though how the education system goes in here. I want somebody out there to mention even 1 benefit from the whole stuff we've been doing for the past 3 weeks or so!! As if they teach us how to hate our system more and more. Stupid material taught in the very same dump way that was applied for the past decades.. right now, I admit I am not an engineer, I can't see myself as a proper mind that can work in the field to benefit the country.
I just study, to pass the exams. I try to make up whatever that would appeal to the doctor, for I might hunt few more marks that would secure my final grade.. Imagine I even wrote our doctor a thank you at the 2nd page, and guess what, it was a copy past from another reference.!! *no comment*
I wonder wither I am fooling myself, or they are fooling me. And even if its one of both, then how can I get over it, though I already know!! I mean… UGH! .. I am feeling disgusted right now. While I am still waiting for my friends to come and join me within few minutes *hopefully*..

You know what, I just realized right now, that we spend more than half our lives waiting. We wait for the bus everyday to catch wherever we are heading. Then we wait for years to pass to graduate. We wait for lunch and dinner. We wait for the match or the night comedy or Thursday movies. We wait for a nice going out.. we wait for father to return from travel. We wait for the computer to open. We wait for our time to close our eyes to sleep… we even wait to finish waiting sometimes!!
Strange, isn't it?!


I've been asked, why I stopped blogging?
Well, in fact, I didn't stop blogging in the literal way. I mean I am blogging now, and a long one, but the point is, I felt I need to talk to the void itself, I need to return to myself more and more. I miss myself. I miss our intimate chit-chat from time to time.. I talk and talk and talk… with no one to reply but pure silence. And believe me sometimes, silence is the voice of all wisdom. Especially when you try to dig inside yourself for answers, even if you didn't have an answer..

Still waiting for my friends, but time to go now.. got more stuff to check :)

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