الثلاثاء، فبراير 07، 2006

Dear whoever reading this;
Because I’ve been feeling unstable for the past days, that things are going around me and I can’t have a clear vision where am I heading!! And because I want to be a different *ME*, therefore I am giving up some of my daily habits looking forward to other priorities of life.
And so, based on the above statement and knowing that I’ve wasted a lot of time already uselessly, I decided that from now on I’ll be keeping low profile in the blogging zone, in a step the perceives leaving it completely *which I am no sure about still*.
And for the time being, I deleted the “Commenting” option, I apologize for not visiting other friends’ blogs very frequently, and I deeply thank all those who cared enough to read and comment sometimes.
If anyone wanted to contact me, still you can always email on " me[dot]blue[at]gmail[dot]com"
See you always on Your highest

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