الأربعاء، يناير 25، 2006

Silence precedes the storm...

It’s been sometime I don’t have the eagerness to write. I just read and read, but nearly stopped to write *lets call it hibernating*. Sometimes they say “silence that precedes the storm” and that’s mainly in mind. I got new ideas to express but needs time and hell of practice before I can show it in public, and who knows :) plus, I got 2 offers crawling which puts me in that state of deep thinking. Its not easy for to reject, and even difficult to accept! .. just a tangle of thoughts hunting my head these days leave me puzzled!!
Anyways, I’ll talk a little about my past days after I started my vacation, just for recording the memory ;)

I’ve went to the book fair with some of my friends and bought a good number of books but nearly none of the things I had in mind, AT ALL!. The one thing I changed this year is:
1. I didn’t buy a single none Arabic book and
2. lots of poetry books!
I got to know about poetry 2 year ago from a dear friend who introduced “Salah Jaheen” at one night I still remember crystal clear. It was in December, or may be January.. I don’t remember the exact date, we were chatting till very late when suddenly he said that he’s feeling low. As I asked why he replied “do you know that line by Jaheen: sometimes I wake up feeling sad, I look to find what I’ve bought was sold and what I’ve found, has been lost?” ==> maftara2 el tarek
Back then I only knew the song only, and although I liked the lyrics I never tried to search who wrote it.! Anyways, after couple of months he introduced a new slang poet to me called “Amr Negm” with a poem called “I am not a prophet”. MY O MY! This one I adored from all of my heart for many things but most important that with only simple common words the poet was able to draw a whole picture as if I am living it. And you can guess the dramatic changes I experienced since then! As if I discovered a whole new world.
Ah, therefore, I am thinking of going back again to the book fair, another day. There are still things I didn’t buy and these are A LOT! That’s why I asked some friends to buy me some books today while they are there. Mm.. Hopefully they’d find it for me.. I’m dying to read it already :)

Then yesterday, I had to start in my term’s project. So “Bavalova” and “wala a3raf nafsi” gathered in my house. We’ve nearly spent 60% of the time playing and having hell of fun. These 2 girls are more than funny. We’ve had a lot of giggles and pure laughter even though we discovered we already know nothing to start with in the project :D which means we are about endless work head of us.
At about 8 p.m. I had to drive them home, then back to my pc.

At night I read part of a book, as I mentioned previously, I’m about to finish “Davinci” which is a good book.. (ya Jia, try it, I don’t think you won’t like it, apart from the new religious concept he’s trying to propose. I find it a bit awkward in fact!) the 2nd on my list is “Veronica decides to die” .. then outrageously into Arabic new novels I’ve bought from the book fair .. NEYAHAHA!

AAAAAH! Forget to tell you about one very important thing happened. I was chatting with Jia and Olivia, when Jia asked to play a new game. So each wrote a line in a story by our turns to make a very funny and amusing story. I know you’re going to laugh a lot while reading it.. so my advice go to Olivia’s blog for a nice sum up or directly to jia’s to read the original text :D ..
I guess we’ve been hallucinating all thru it…. But I loved the experience ;)

Now what! Gota say “bye” .. wishing to write you soon
Sooo byee my friends

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