الثلاثاء، يناير 03، 2006

Getting out of this!!!

It just happened that I wake up today to do some work needed by a friend, then I thought of wondering a bit online. Its been 2 days after my 2nd exam and I need to relax before my 3rd exam and the hardest of all *as you can guess, microwaveeeees :S, w rabna yestor*
Nothing serious happened during the passed days, could be nothing at all. But somehow I am feeling over joyed *thanks to ALLAH*.. to the point I wake up today humming another favorite musical piece “Love story” ..

Good God! Its been 2 days I am searching for this book “Love Story” by “Erich Segal” but of no use!!

I’ve seen that movie more than 3 times and even read the novel twice so far; but somehow I wish to keep the moments of pure feelings I’ve lived through out this story with me forever.

So just a call for help, get me out of this misery, if any one can find me a version for this novel in whichever format and a way to download the movie, I’d be even more than thankful.. **I found it as PDF format, if U want it, I guess U should know who to ask ;) ;) **

Anyways, I’d better go continue studies.. wish me luck :)

PS: please turn your speakers ON * IE users* … I changed the background music from "Romance d'amor" to “love story” theme.. so E.N.J.O.Y

Time to go … 73’s

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