الأحد، يناير 22، 2006

Over and Out

YAY! So finally I finished this semester *hope for good*. As I mentioned in the previous post, that I had to stay home, because the going out was screwed for someone poking his nose *ferksh*.. so I took all day sleeping :)
OK! They saved the best for last.. today’s exam was awesome *thank ALLAH* that I left after half the time, to return home-sweet-home.

May be for the 1st time in a very long time, I had a warm chit-chat with my father.. I mean today should be written in my memory forever.

Umm what else?..
Nothing, except tomorrow isA I’ll go to the book fair with my gang, and to my luck I just had sms from one of them saying: “I am not coming!” OK! Thanks a million really.. Thanks from all of my heart.. ya3ni I’m truly thankful with all the meanings this word may have… can’t define from where I had such heavenly friends like my gang..
Anyways, with all my blessings to have a sweet sit at the home –U *****- let me think about my day tomorrow. Even though I never made a list for the books I want to buy, but each time I go out with 2 bags full of stuff.. YAY! I love it. Books have always and always been my true friends.
This year I am thinking of trying some new stuff, how about some philosophy, more 3amya poems, simple Islamic history *its truly interesting reading about Islamic legends, so poor I am a bit ignorant in that* mm.. thinking as well if I found any political books by Mr. Heikal *a very famous Egyptian politician* .. I want one thesaurus, and a simple Arabic-arabic dictionary. Recently I’ve been into old Arabic poetry which is a bit difficult and so I am seeking clarifications: $ mm.. english novels would do, but the fact is I don’t have names to search!!
May be this time would be to take a look, most probably I’ll go again within a week to buy more books and some references I’ll need within my studies.

I don’t know what would I be doing now, may be I’d go watch TV or continue reading “Davinci”, its been too long I stopped reading it due exams time. May be I’d re-start it tonight.. and may be.. I don’t know.. I just wish to continue writing till forever this way.. but sooner or later I have to finish up this post to be posted.. so to spare you more lines to read uselessly, let me wish you all a good night and sweet dreams :)

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