الخميس، يناير 19، 2006

Random-ness of thoughts :S

It’s just when you feel you need to step off the bus, go wherever; don’t matter, as long as you’ll be with own self. You feel you need an urgent talk mixed with pure silence to compose a new life’s symphony. You think of your own bubble, your days, your friends, your stuff and things and wonder where your own thoughts have gone. Why you feel you are not the same person you’ve known for long? Why had you all of a sudden got bored from playing the game? Then you ask yourself: is it really “all of a sudden” or is it a normal consequence for series of attitudes you’ve been doing lately?!

Today do I hate myself?
If YES, then why?!
And if NO, then why on earth do I feel this way?!

A one way irritating question to keep on asking over and over, and when you’re done; you repeat it from the start.
What is wrong and what is right? Do I have to go on the way I am going on because its my way? Or do I have to change as life changes because that’s how the life goes? Do I need to be someone new everyday? And why they don’t leave me to be myself?!

UGH! I hate this status when I don’t know what I want, what I need and what I have to do. Pieces of a blurred vision I see..

I’ll go now… but leave ya with this picture I really adore by my blogger friend "Kareem" from his Blog “SnapShots”.. Its awesome, good job Kareem, U R a real artist

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