الأحد، سبتمبر 25، 2005


Again and again I repeat: Yesterday was a great day!
The whole day was passing so peacefully, like a blink of an eye. I had to finish up my lectures *that was the only dramatic part*, then I went to our gathering location with my friends in college. While standing chit-chatting as usual, I had to greet hell lot of passing BYers. It’s like I realized all of a sudden: I know quite a large sum of people there.

You know, it’s difficult when you live life on your own. You try to convince yourself: that’s my life and I like living it.
But deep inside you are missing another sort of fun, which I was living yesterday!

And when I joined the E-Biz workshop *I’m one of its members*, for the 1st time I felt I am a person who is up to my challenges.
I’ve been told that I am up to responsibilities, but I never believed. And though what I did yesterday wasn’t that supper extra-ordinary challenge; however it was something I didn’t think I can do it that fast: breaking the mountains of ice surrounding me at last and getting over some of my fears as well.
However, the fun part is: I will try breaking that ice over and over in my entire life as well.

Time Out: “Starting here my life begins.. Starting now I am learning fast..”
these are the words I am currently listening to form the “Anastasia” cartoon movie OST..

Back on track: Without many details, as I returned home and found the delicious lunch mother prepared and her new gift for me ;) I felt awesome however really exhausted! So I went to bed very early and as I was closing my eyes I had a sudden thought: it’s a pity, only 2 years left ..!!

P.S.: you might like to listen to that song “journey to the past” one of my all time OST favorites.. here is to download, and here to read the lyrics

Have fun

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