السبت، سبتمبر 10، 2005


I was wondering between TV stations when suddenly I saw a face I know by heart. I lingered a while and remembered “it’s the movie ‘Anna and the king’
I’ve always held myself back from watching this particular movie for personal reasons.
However, I couldn’t resist the angelic look on “Jodie Foster” ‘s face.. so I sat to watch.

Tell you what, I didn’t regret not watching that before.. for its not as magnificent as “The king and I” .. Tell me who can compare “Yul Brynner”..???
OHHHH! “etcetera, etcetera..”
the only one good thing was Jodie, and nothing more..


I couldn’t forget the passion in your eyes when u told me you want to see that movie..
But you went so fast..
May God rest your soul in peace..


as I was writing this, I had the news that the grandpa of one of our colleagues and a dear brother of mine passed away.
Then everything went Hushshshshsh!
May God rest his soul in peace as well

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