الخميس، سبتمبر 29، 2005

And as how it turned out to be my case whenever I feel low, as yesterday and today, I go browsing for one and only thing to go “Korean Korean Korean…… all the way”
And so I discovered lots of goodies and freebies for me………… :)
A lot of tracks to download and more news, forums, sites.. to read..
I even passed by a lot of Fans’ blogs for Bae Yong Joon. Truly interesting..
So I extracted you this post from “simple joy by marissa

You Are Obsessed With BYJ and Anything Korean If......
1. You no longer talk to your old friends because they are not aware who Yong Joon is and they can't relate to you.
2. The national anthem in your home is the OST of WLS!
3. You are not aware of the new local dramas being shown because you are always watching Arirang.
4. You changed your current cable provider to one that carries more korean channel (KBS World, KBS2, SBS, YTN, etc.).
5. You know more korean artist than the local ones.
6. Your korean friends are avoiding you because you always beg them to translate news, vods, and songs for you.
7. You have more korean movies and cd's than your korean friends in your country.
8. You end us saying Aigoo! rather than Oh my gosh!
9. You express love by saying saranghaeyo instead of I love you.
10. You call your boyfriend oppa, your sister onni, your husband yeobo and your friend chingu.
11. Your day is not complete unless you have visited your fave fansite at least once a day. Ok twice a day....... so I do it at least 5 times a day.
12. You are a member of all his fan sites and they are all bookmarked in your pc.
13. You post and reply in all the said forums
14. Your hard drive is full of vods, pics, and clips.
15. You have to buy a new hard drive just for all your downloaded material
16. You've subscribed to a broadband internet connection because your dial up connection always fails on you.
17. You have created an e-mail address like byj_myman@hotmail or ilovebyj@yahoo
18. If you find your country and korea competing in one sport, you are at lost on who to support.
19. Ok......... you end up cheering everytime korea scores
20. You watch soccer even if you don't understand the bloody sport just to cheer Team Korea because BYJ also supports them.
21. You are now trying hard to learn golf for that slim chance of bumbing into him at a golf course near you.
22. When someone asks you where you want to go for a vacation, you quickly answer Korea without hesitation.
23. You enrolled in a korean language class so you can understand all those korean posting at his official site.
24. You also enrolled in a korean cooking class so you can prepare all his favorite food.
25. You feel guilty when your boyfriend kisses you because you felt you just betrayed BYJ.
26. Your meal is not complete without kimchee.
27. When you finally got a confirmed news that he's coming over to visit your country, you call all your friends to help you make a welcome banner.
28. You call them again to cancel their visit and instead opt to do the banner alone because it makes it more special.
29. You are already camped at the airport a day before his arrival.
30. You will not go to work or school during his entire stay in your country because you will spend all your waking hours stalking him.
31. You can recite all the vital information regarding BYJ with your eyes closed.
32. You change your pc wallpaper everytime a new one is posted on the forums you visit.
33. You always on the look-out for seminars and exchange programs that is being sponsored by your company in the hopes that there's one for korea.
34. You actually participate and vote in all polls that is being posted in the various sites you frequent.
35. You know the owner of the korean convenience store nearest you.
36. You get discount from them because you are one of their best customers.
37. You take time to chat with their customers and find ways to include BYJ in your conversation.
38. When you see a new vod, clip or photo you immediately download them and post to the other sites that you visit.
39. If reincarnation is possible, you would wish to be born as a korean.
40. You are smiling while reading because you see yourself doing some if not all that is written here.

LOL, How so very true.. especially number 40 ;)
  • I am currently watching the drama "Hotelier" and no need to tell you how it feels....
  • Can't wait more than that to watch the new movie "April Snow".. Gosh!!!

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