الجمعة، سبتمبر 30، 2005

Ice Cream

My mother left me all day long to sit by myself for I was terribly feeling low. Things were fighting in my head. Some way of losing your .. mm.. your focus, may be, or losing something inside I truly don’t have an explanation for. But I wasn’t feeling OK!

Until a friend told me: “its my duty to cheer you up ma’am” .. and things twisted a bit. Knowing that some person, any person, cares to ask: “how are you today! You don’t seem very well!” for me it’s a big something, its much bigger than any one can think, really.
Anyways, so I had to laugh some time, and cheer up the next, and I heard my mother coming towards me…
Mum: You look fine now..
Me: yeah, much better
Mum: go put your cloths on, we are going out.

*OUT!, we are going out.. its late already.. HEHE… you’re the best..*

And even though we went to the same very old club of ours, but I loved my mother even more and more. All the way we were sharing our gossips about my father and brother ;) then gossips about my colleges in collage.. *Yay, that’s the best part :) , you were all talked about by the way *
Then all of a sudden, she left me and returned with my favorite ice cream……. Crispy biscuits with Mastics flavor ice cream and pistachio…

We had some more giggles, and walked a little. Then back to Home sweet home …..

P.S.: Sorry for not inviting you to my ice cream, its was already mine ;)
Yummy Yummy.. I enjoyed my day ;)

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