الجمعة، سبتمبر 16، 2005

Bits and pieces

Its 10 pm. *when I was writing this post* yet I made a strong cup of coffee and headed for my special place, in front of my baby Blue pc :)
I feel I need to have a rest for a while..
My mother has been terribly ill lately; she looks pale and lost the shimmer in her eyes. I feel awful for her while I am left paralyzed and can’t do anything to help. Of course, no need to say I have to do all the house work now.. Cleaning, washing, cooking… etc. in addition to I already missed two gorgeous outings with my fellow friends and the 3rd is coming on the way!

Yet tell you, I am not upset.. I don’t care about all these stuff and I can do even the double or zillion times more just to see my mother’s smiling pinkish face alive again. I truly love you mother.. I truly do..
My the Almighty help you get out of all that..


I’ll start my 7th semester next Saturday, and no matter what I said in the previous post, I am still hesitant which department to join. What to take as a major by God’s sack!
Should I go to “electronics and communications systems” or should I head for “network and information systems”???!
I have equal pros and cons for each, that would make me feel worst..
Its just couple of days left and I am sitting banging my head to the wall..
I like them both. If I can have the two majors together, I think I might have felt better. Yet what to do when its practically impossible..


I just watched bits and pieces of “
Fahrenheit 9/11
” and I deeply wish I could ever have the mail addresses or the emails for the relatives or loved ones of any American soldier died in Iraq. I sincerely wish to send them my condolences for what ever happened there. These people have been fooled by their president and fought for a lost case and for what!
Is it for the money or the oil or bargains that the rich going to be richer?!
Is it really liberty they’ve been fighting for?!
Or is it for making tomorrow a better place for them and their children after?!
Then answer me: why can’t they have peace and secure right at the moment!!! After all these years.. tell me where are the mass destruction weapons!

Do you still believe its all by “El Qa’ada” who did it?
I tell you myself.. No they are ever weaker to think about it in the 1st place.

You know we have a proverb in Arabic that talks about people.. when they lose everything, they like to show off..
And that is exactly the Qa’ada’s case.. they knew they lost everything, and they turned out to be useless and helpless creatures, so they are making things up, showing off what they have no hand in..

I despise them and I despise the American president as well..
Sorry Mr. Bush..
but sadly your people don’t even know they are fooled in a boring play ruled by your charming looks!!

Case closed.

Time to go… 73’s

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