السبت، مارس 24، 2007

Personal dilemma

You think using a wondering wireless connection in the air kind of stealing?
And what if, imagine what if, it’s a huge bandwidth, and probably your usage won’t exceed the 0.5% of it? And what if the guy (if its really a guy) is leaving it 24/7 and he’s not there.. you are totally alone.. and add to your imagination that you’re DSL cable is kind of short, so you’re not having the flexibility of move your notebook should grand?

Would you still call it stealing?!

I am into this dilemma these days. And yes, feel that I’m strongly stealing.. however tell me something.. if you ever got that kind of connection, why won’t you use it? Why would you buy such huge bandwidth and leave it to the open?
Someone told me its like enjoying the cassette playing in the other car sitting beside you in a traffic jam.. or even the high speakers from your neighbors flat.

Tell me, what you think? And take it on the larger scale.. when u say its stealing and when not…

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