الثلاثاء، مارس 13، 2007

Ctrl+Z :: Zah2ana..

I feel terribly bored. Totally bored. Utterly bored. I was sleeping all day for the sake of doing nothing, that’s it. Escaping. Yes true. Yes damn right.
Yesterday, and along 2 other days ago, I was working on the T-shirt design for the "Fun day".. aka. A festival held in college before the official graduation. And in some way or another I have doubts that this day won't be here. I mean, the calibrations and everything will be held, but the T-shirt would not exist. The dof3a is lazy. My team mates in the project as lazy too. I am lazy. We are as a nation, a lazy one…
Someone told me, it’s the last term's ego. Though I've been feeling this way for quite sometime not just this term.

My mother bought chocolate which is very sweet. And there I knew I love it dark. As "raw" as anything. No milk, no sugar.. nothing.. feel the bitterness on your tongue.
Someone else told me something long time ago "chocolate taste reflects our own selves." And when he asked how I like it, I said dark with fruits, or white with almonds. And when I asked, in return, what does that tell about me, he said "you are a special and unique person". Now I think, loving "dark chocolate" would mean a gloomy person. I don't know why.. bas heya gat ma3aya keda today.

So lets make it a tag.. Bosso.. ana zah2ana.. and thinking of something nice… A tag.. ALL my friends are entitled to MUST reply… either in a post or a comment.. suit your suit..

Tell me, how you like you chocolate… solid or "say7a".. dark or with milk.. fruits, nuts.. snikers or M&M… 3esho in the chocolate world for a second, and don't forget to tell what you think that would mean, according to you…
Yalla.. waiting..

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