الخميس، مارس 08، 2007

News break

Today was one of the strangest. Look, at the morning there was a simple interview in our IC lab for the digital project. (w ml a5r, kont mestabya3a). I didn’t care for anything. As if ba2a, that’s enough with the project, one more question is simple like trying to bring life to a dead body. Soo, the strange talk that happened didn’t really affect me, though the rest of the team went out of the lab with a “miserable sad” look on their faces. Guys! Answer me.. Since when we ever had such kind of oral conversations and we finished victorious!!!

After that, there was a sub meeting for the graduation project for the TinyOS team. I went too, you know, a3’atet shewaya :P.. and there for a second I had a strong feeling that I’m loved by ALLAH. I mean.. well.. the spirit itself I was looking for, and caused me my only 2 break downs I had in life entirely, as if its coming true now. I may be right or wrong, I don’t know. But seriously I LOVE my project team mates, all of them.

In the middle of our talk today, there I had to make a final decision for the optional subject I’m to take. Sadly, I had to choose a subject Bava is not going to have with me. Its like the 1st something we’d split into ever since we’ve known each other. But I couldn’t help it. I can’t study electronics. Not again. I hate it.

As I left them and about to take a bus back home, I met the TA who was with us in the Luxor and Aswan trip. Was really glad to see him. Soo, waved and cheered “aay, how are you.. etc”.. exchanged a little convo keda then every one went on his/her own way. Till I found a bus coming so I stopped it. Believe it or not, he took it with me too. That was fine so far till he actually paid the ticket. I was really searching for a crack in the bus floor to hide. Lol, that was a gentle act! Even though I don’t really like such thing…. You know.. that weird philosophy I have.. blalala… whatever.. I’m back home .. and no need to feel that embarrassed.. not anymore..

When I returned home, believe it or not I found the DSL is baaack! Hurray… so now I’m checking what’s missed in more than 3 weeks back. Phew! That’s a lot! People blubbered A LOT during my virtual absence.. I even got more to blubber myself.. yet as always for the coming couple of months or so, isA.. “No time”..

That was a quick re-cap for today’s memories, more of the same tomorrow morning :P at 9 o hundrerd hours.. make sure to tune in

TADA,, off I sign for PHP & MySQL..

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