الأحد، يناير 07، 2007

Sometimes.. Someone

I was going to write how I have all the right to brag about my discovery; when about a year and a half ago, I first knew the name "Yiruma" by a mere lucky chance. And that in return forced all the people whom I introduced him to, not to know how to thank me enough for that. And Still I’m sure many more are coming ahead..

And again, I was going to write about my today’s treasure, for finding –finally- some of his work I’ve been looking for long..
Till words failed me as I listened to his magical notes playing…

Take a deep breath..

All I’d like to tell you now is:
“if you trust my taste, then trust me for that as well.. Listen to “
Sometimes.. Someone” from his album “From the yellow room”, and his improvisation for “Gabriel” in his “Love scene” (that was originally the OST of the movie “The mission” composed by “Ennio Morricone” named “Gabriel's Oboe”)”

For tomorrow,
Here is the deal, download these pieces, then switch off the lights, lay down and relax. If you didn’t forgot all your worries and felt the world is a place for us to enjoy, dream and fly, then you have all the right to give me hard times. However, if it happened that you liked it –which I know you will- then you still can ask for more… anytime my friend..

Now I can confess it as loudly as ever “I am Obsessed with Yiruma's music”! Then die in peace..

PS: There are others I am obsessed with their music too, and they are no less than Yiruma (will talk about them later on). Yet, he, and he alone, holds a special memory in my heart for being the 1st I knew who plays that type of music, that is "new age" one..

PS2: The above image is originally not mine. However, I signed with "On My Own..." for the framing and special effects on photoshop CS2.

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