الأحد، يناير 07، 2007

Hectic days and disappointing ones!

So, not a happy or a happy ending for such a day? I do not know for real.
Look, again the exam wasn't my best bas OK. Ya3ni, el 7amd lelah gedan. And I was well happy after it ended. No more microwaves people, in sha2 ALLAH. Can you get it? No more micro zeft waves!
Then, I was looking for my ASIC doc. to take his permission on something, and didn't find.. that was my 1st disappointment! I wanted to have a final say, whether a yes/no, promise will not argue, but being hang this way is so boring.
So Blue has left the building.

My Bava was going to cinema with friends, and I was supposed to join the gang. However, you know when you suddenly miss that will into somethin.. *seems I have a lot of downs easily* therefore, left her to go alone and I returned back home.

The bus trip was one of the horrific things happened. People are strange! People are totally strange! Everyone is enjoying other's torture. Seriously speaking! I mean, anyone if s/he can't kill you now, will do once they got the chance!
I was sitting in my place, when the lady beside me asked to leave for her bus stop. Out of good manners since she is an old lady, I stood up for her. So what happened is that 2 big men competed together on my own seat :S RIDICLOUS! *Hello, I am standing here* and guess what! They turned their compete into a fight who is to sit.. and I was left in the middle in a narrow place, nearly in the lab of another man the other side, and *mahrosa* for real. So I yelled, for the 1st time "AY 7ad yo23oood, ana mazno2aaa". Got no idea how I said so, then for a second, there was silence in the bus, and one of them looked to me a weird look, then sat silently!
I hate that.. Look I would be willing to give you anything you need, on one condition: NOT to ever take it without permission!.

When it was my bus stop ba2a, I started yelling at the driver "el ma7ata, el ma7ata", and he was going on his way.. So that man who gave me a bad look earlier shouted "ma tetla7la7i ya anesa".. how dare he? How could I while all those people are in front of me?! Are you serious.. I can't even move my leg one step.. that was so mean.. and for a second I wished to cry f3lan, especially after the rest of the bus were shouting as well "ma tetla7la7i" and no one is moving to leave me space..
That moment I saw myself as a person walking in a narrow dark street with few people are throwing stones. And the pitiful thing, they are my own folk who are supposed to help me when I need help. And shelter me when I need someone to secure me..
Pathetic, isn't it?

So as I entered the house started blowing up at my brother for no reason too, and my mother too *looks as the daily vicious circle surrounding us*. The whole house was on fire, till I went to wash my face. As looking in the mirror I thought. "If now with those little responsibly I have, I react this way to disappointment and stress, will I ever manage a wider life?"..

Online again:
Remembered ba2a the North Pole we have our examination in! I wonder where does the money spent on Egyptian universities go?!! We are having our exams in ALLAH's most cold place there. I was shivering all the way, till a second felt I can write no more..

Was willing to install Linux today, but I slept over 7 hours back to back, and now have no eagerness to sleep 5alas..
Spinning the bottle with the guys on the blogger's room. And its a bit funny.. and me blogging with the new CD for yasser Abd El Rahman playing. I love his Egyptian flavor in his music..

So, Might be today't blog is not what I've been preparing myself all day to write. Its a total different one. Yet the only one little tip I wished to write is still the very same:
"When you think of someone very very deep and for no reason. I mean for no specific reason. Not for calling for something, or asking a favor, or even checking if s/he ok. Just you want to see that person, and feel her/him around, and that's it.. you'll do.
And will always be, the one person you need to see and never expected to anywhere, will pass you by everywhere. There you'll know right away that you can't do it without seeing the everywhere surprising meet, like your daily mug of Nescafe.."

May be I was a bit chatty keda. So will go follow the guys. :)
Good night dear folk, good night..

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