الأربعاء، يناير 17، 2007

A year passed and a thought change..

Aha, now I know why do I like "Love story".

The broadband connection was cut in the morning, and apart from being pissed off, I thought of doing something useful. And since I just finished my 4th exam yesterday, so didn't wish to do something very very useful; that's why, I switched on "love story" for un-reasonable reasons.

Exactly a year ago, I wrote my history with that particular movie, how I got to know plus few blubbers on the very famous quotation "Love means you haven't to say you are sorry" blahlalala
Right now, I think it's stupid! Sorry folks, but yes it is very stupid. The whole story behind the movie is stupid. I mean, it's nice to have such feeling da da da, but don't you think they were dashingly over reacting? Even if we assumed they are not, and love really means you don't have to say you are sorry or love in that sense actually exists, still the story -for me- sounds silly and stupid. (only the dyeing matter can be left alone.. that was touching)

However, I did really enjoy watching the movie, especially the 2nd half. Apart from the extraordinary background music, but you know Oliver Barrett reminds me of my very own self.
"Quite a wealthy son who's not on good terms with his father and can afford to go through the entire possible struggle just to get rid of his father's orders."

Just as simple at that..

The movie ended at lunch time, and since I got no guts to sit down at the table and share lunch with anybody (yup, turned off the yesterday's mood), I preferred to rather write such words, then wonder when I'd have the chance to post. And there after, I fetched another movie on the waiting list to watch.. a total different flavor this time "The omen"

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