الأربعاء، يونيو 25، 2008

The universe and me

Everyday I got to suffer the same thing. I can not get along with the folk in my office. Everyday I have to ask my colleagues if anybody needs a company, so I can spend my break with them. Hang out together, eat something, have a chit chat….

Every-other-day, I got to ask.. then ask.. then ask..

No body thinks of asking me even once for the same, and each day I end up believing "I am a boring person, and no body wants to spend time with me."..


I might have different views, different hobbies; but I am sure I am not by any means a boring person (at least, as far as I am concerned). Yet, I am not sure why I meet this rejection every now and then.

I hate spending the break alone. I wish to talk to people. Ask them about the companies' news, or even outside gossip. I want to eat with somebody or walk in the mall and visit new shops.

But this never happens.


Sometimes I remember when I was a kid in school; I used to have the same thing. I was not a popular person, though survived with few friends after all.

And those, I am not sure now if we are friends or not. Because we do not act like friends do. We don't ask about each others frequently, we don't chit chat this much and we don't hang out very often.

My best friend is getting married very soon, and I am not sure if I am invited or not till now :) I don't even know if she bought her dress or not yet.


Sometimes I try hard to love the universe. But some times of these times I believe… the universe does not love me..

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