الأحد، يونيو 08، 2008

Phases of me

When I was young, my mother told me “don’t keep what you won’t use again”.
I used to be a very un-organized kid. E7m :$ I believe I am still so… bas anyhow.. ever since then, I liked the attitude of throwing things I won’t use. And it worked.
Every time I felt low, I opened my cupboard and throw things away.

But the habit evolved, and I no longer get rid of things -only-, but get rid of emails, clothes, feelings, memories sometimes -as well-.

Nonetheless, there came my dilemma. I forget things very easily, and so I get rid of stuff I could use later on, but alas.. when "later on" comes, I would have already got rid of things!

Now every month I got to suffer the same trouble at work. Searching for emails I have already deleted by mistake, in my monthly throwing away phase :D

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