الثلاثاء، مايو 01، 2007

Today, as usual..

Today we had a project meeting, and since it the labor day official holiday, we had to take it somewhere outside college; when it was the solution.. wherever but our dear club :S
At 11 we met, and started the serious talk. It was fine and everything; the people are great .. etc.. yet.. I was not feeling ok. Its happening for quite sometime now. I’m always absent minded, not focusing, hmm.. in a desperate need to keep silent. Amazingly, I don’t find anything to talk about. Hardly laugh. Sleepy. Hmm.. horrible as it look isn’t it? Add to that.. today.. you know.. I always like walking alone keda.. especially these days, the start of spring, enjoying the air with free thinking. The colorful flowers on both sides looked extraordinary beautiful.. yet, I was sad with a heavy heart.. my camera was broken and so I can’t take any photos..

May be it looks a little thing to you.. yet to me it returns the same little question I had in mind before.. which is better..
To have something adapting your life to it for a while then its gone? Or not having it at all?
Like imagine having the love of your life for a while, building dreams and fairy tales together.. then alas, its not there.. or u’d have a broken heart or whatever that leads to the end… or you think not having one in the 1st place, and living as any normal human being aimlessly in life?

I never found an answer.. and think I won’t. its like which is 1st the chicken or egg myth. Hmm.. . got no clue..

I’ll just go now.. probably I’d meet you again in better format to talk..

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