السبت، أبريل 07، 2007

A call for help..

Last night before going to sleep I made a decision to “get myself out of it”. Today came in and I couldn’t pull me out. In fact, I did more mistakes engaging me more into. I forgot all about Dee & Nesrina’s advices.. grrrrr… I always forget and act at my worst when I stop my brain from working!..
God! I did today not just one mistake but twice… and so.. its going to get worst I think… unless I acted steady and fast…
What you think I can do?????
Now… I really really want to pull myself from the whole thing… wipe all the written pages.. and just act in the way I’m adapted to for long!
God…. Grand me wisdom, inner will… and HELP!

PS: Dee I got away from one of the things you mentioned.. the 2nd… NOT YET!.. (my 1st mistake for tonight)

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