الجمعة، أكتوبر 27، 2006

Virtue is my favorite sin.. thus I said

Saturday, 21st October (night):
I asked some people on the bloggers’ room to congratulate me for just knowing “tomorrow is declared off” from my department in college. Yuppie! However, I ask, why the 2 feasts are only 2 months back to back?!

Sunday 22nd October (night):
Started watching “Mohammed – LOP”. One of the best Islamic movies one would see. Got a lot to tell about, but have no will to at the moment.

Monday 23rd October (morning):
Feast prayers went fine. Now I got to travel to my relatives to my father. Hate them, hate the day, hate the place and the people. Hate the everything there.

Tuesday 24th October (night):
Return from my uncle’s visits “to my mother’. We had a lot of usual fights and arguments concerning us and our parents. They always criticize our lingering to our PCs! I can’t get WHY till now! Why the hell they repeat that on and on? We’ve said many time, it’s our way of life, leave us alone. But they never listen and never give us a chance.

Wednesday 25th October (night):
I watched “V for vendetta”. I can say it loudly, its might be the best on all levels. Story, script, acting..etc. loved It especially V’s quotations. I should be gathering the favorite ones, once upon a time, after my 2nd watch isA. Now I really got no will for any thing on earth.!

Friday 27th October 2006 (2:45 am):
My clock is not adjusted properly, and since the 1st day of the feast I didn’t have the urge to fix it. Somehow I lose connection with time when I spend much time in house. As if time melts away in the usual looks of the dull walls. I even got to place my little Disney’s calendar beside me to remember the day, though it’s a bit easy for me, since tomorrow the 28th is my mother’s birthday.
Just finished “the lake house”, ALLAH’s most boring movie seen this weekend. HUH! I’ve now completed 4 movies in one weekend, quite a hit for me.. never did that before even on my holidays. Am I that bored?!
Anyways, the movie is utter rubbish. I saw the Korean version before that one, there for I lost part of the magic knowing what gona happen afterwards. “lake house” is a bit faster and more logical, however “Il mare” is more realistic, at least the ending. How could you change someone’s death?!
Break: my father is shouting now with my brother and I am afraid and down. Yes I am afraid from him. Hate it awi… and want to write even more.. and read more.. can’t sleep.
Back: Both ways, both movies are not worth watching, romance for romance’s sack which is crap.

Friday 27th October (3:45 pm):
Now I am writing the above on the pc, and going to publish but the router is out as usual. I began to doubt our neighbor (the one who got the router) take it off for him alone! Yes some doubts might be sins (as how I’m taught in Islam), but.. I do not know…
واتقوا الشبهات
After all…. I’ll go and wait till its back, then publish. Then search for a proper pic to upload. Am I talkative lately to write such flood of posts? I’ll be closing my Arabic for a while except for exceptional things. I need a break, to get down to my bubble again, to stay with me longer.

tomorrow will go back college, the thought hurts.. Bye

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