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NB: i opened the comments for this post.. because I badly need help.. I do not wish to continue this way for long... I am slowly losing MY life..

Most researchers agree that for many Internet addicts, the root of the problem is that the person is trying to avoid something in their life. Internet addicts typically have problems in their everyday life, usually related to family, relationships, work, or school. Many addicts are unemployed and have a lot of time on their hands. Going online is a safe, fast, and easy way to escape the problems of life, or simply to fill the empty and lonely hours of the long day.

Like any other addiction, Internet addiction will eventually create problems in the life of the addict. Usually the first problem to arise is with the addict's relationships with a spouse, friends, and/or family. Because the addict spends more and more time in solitary seclusion, they are spending less time with their loved ones. Arguments and interventions often lead to the addict lying about how much time they spend online, which invariably leads to distrust and discontent from loved ones.

When Internet addiction spirals out of control, people spend far less time doing the activities they used to enjoy. Every aspect of their daily lives becomes neglected, and their well-being begins to suffer. The powerful stimulation of the Internet causes the addict to become bored with activities that are mundane in comparison, such as reading.

Source: Are You Addicted To The Internet?

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