الاثنين، أكتوبر 16، 2006

Life SUX

I never wished to be a heron of a story as much as I wished to be today.. I read the whole thing and felt like “this is it, I wish to be there” but there was no hints if I can be or can not. There was no guide lines showing direction for a back door. There was no glimpse of a hope.
Sometimes you are doomed to live a story of your own, without a proper escape to go somewhere greener on the other side.. and without the slightest dream someone might be wishing to share you in it as well..

I try not to fetch things away form my hand, but they always come teasing the every bit of me.. I can't have my dreams, I can't go to them and they never come.. And always leave me in that state...

Life SUX and I hate it..

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