الثلاثاء، أكتوبر 24، 2006

Movie time..

It appears to me that I am in the mood for movies now. Lots of them. Just checking my brother’s PC to find over 20 movies he downloaded and never mentioned anything about!
So here it goes. Now I am watching “Muhammed - Legacy of a Prophet”; then on my check list I’d follow by “V.For.Vendetta” and “The.Lake.House

Hmm, these are the names that attracted my attention. I might try “Syriana” according to AG’s suggestion, though I’m not very much enthusiastic. Enough blood I’ve watched in “Munich(by the way, I don’t know why I didn’t mention that movie previously.. guess me should).. and there is “Pride.and.Prejudice” another hit I watched couple of months earlier, and “Serendipity” that was my best of all. (guess I mentioned “Serendipity” yet in the other space that was deleted some time ago)

On the same folder there are some other names left like “The omen”, “the polar express” and other animation movies. I love animations. The best of all the best for me was “Anastasia”. I searched for it hell of times online but didn’t find a proper one with proper number of seeds to download! However, every now and then I try my luck till I have it and watch over and over and over and over…..

Still, I insist, me not movies fan. TV was and will be my worst enemy. Yet on the other hand, from time to time you have to go up to real life a bit. So now, it’s enough imaginations, and let me continue “Muhammed - Legacy of a Prophet” in peace.
In the next days I’d sure be writing something about it, it’s a good watch..

Yalla, wish me pleasant watching

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