الاثنين، أكتوبر 23، 2006

On Eid and stuff

I’ve just finished replying the hell of emails congratulating the “Eid”.. hmm, some years ago I would feel extremely happy when someone sends me a simple email saying “Happy feast” or whatever.. I’d feel s/he remembered me.. and that was the best gift I’d have in any feast.. even better than my new clothes.

However, as years pass by and technology became more common, I feel sending emails and replying turned more into a routine, systematic steps you do..
Open your email, select all the members in your contact list, then click compose..
Write the most ordinary sentences you’d think of,, then click,, its send..

Wake up tomorrow to find hell of replies in need to be check and replied to..
With one click I can say “happy feast” to over 200 person at a time.. and can make an auto response message for anyone who replies.. and that’s it.. the meaning is lost..

Tell you something, the feast lost its meaning in the 1st place. Seriously, and its not because I am older now, its because the spirit among us is different…
Hmm, ok,, I guess this shouldn’t be said now on the eid’s eve,, let the kids celebrate.. and me go study :D .. I didn’t open a single book ever since the start of this year.. sooo got zillions of things to check and reports to do..

Lazy lazy blue as usual.. yet after all, Happy Happy Eid to you.. and Delicious 3’orayba .. (3’orayba my best cookie for the eid by the way ;) )

Tada.. it’s a Bye

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