الجمعة، يوليو 22، 2005


So, it’s been quite some time since I lastly posted a nice something on the blog *thought I have plenty of things to say*.
Firstly : I wanted to talk about “being out of place” issue, which was raised up yesterday in my favorite radio program “Z-Tok
Secondly : I wished to comment on one of the last posts by Sheryos, about losing the way. I had piles of things to tell him that a single comment on his post won’t be enough –coz honestly, I’ve been and still there, in the middle of no where –
Thirdly : I wanted to report from my room, as the dreamer Steli.

UGH! And still lots I wanted to say and do. I wanted to tell you more about how it’s going, those victories and downs added to my book of life. I wanted even to talk about the last book I finished reading, by one Egyptian Nobel prize winner, Najib Mahfouz.

Yet right now, I feel I am a bit *not down in the same sense* but lazy *as such*. A real lazy person who has no time !

Anyways, I believe I got to know as I am having an exam within 2 days *to have my programming certificate*, so I need to go and study more *as if I do*.

PS: No need to mention I failed my 2nd interview *!!!*, though I guess its written in the stars, coz on the same day I managed to get *nearly got* a paid summer job ;-)

Time To Go… 73’s

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